Rockhill City Guide Marketing 6 Writing For Social Media Tips (Actionable TIPS!)

6 Writing For Social Media Tips (Actionable TIPS!)

Writing For Social Media Tips

There are some very important tips that you can take for writing on social media. Did you know that by writing the wrong way on social media that it will be a waste of time? The work will render useless instead of the effect that you wanted.

Explained by Singapore SEO expert, Revolist, here are the top 6 actionable tips for writing on social media so you can make it the best that it can be. Let’s get started!

1. Be One Person And One Voice.

This tip is very important when writing for social media. You do not want to write in many different tones or voices. Pick one voice and stick to it. By doing this it helps you connect with people better. They know how you talk and your style of writing. Believe it or not, people pick up on that kind of stuff.

Some Tips for Developing Your Social Media Writing Voice:

  • Develop a company voice.
  • Keep the voice picked and do not ever change it up.
  • Relay your personality in the voice.

Why is this so important though. Why should you pick a voice and stick to it? Well, there are several reasons as to why you should stick to the one voice you have created for social media writing. Below are a few for time’s sake.

Reasons For Maintaining The Same Voice:

  • When keeping the same voice and sticking to you are developing trust with your readers.
  • Sticking to your chosen voice will give the company a personality the customers can relate to.

2. Get Straight To The Point!

As with your voice when writing for social media you will want to get straight to the point. When people feel that someone is talking in circles they tend to tune them a=out after a moment. You can bet that when someone is reading social media writing that they will skim over the content if they find it full of fluff.

Note, do not blabber on. Get to the point and do not take up too much of the readers time. Just as well as it is to communicate it is just as important to show that you value your readers time and intellect. Take some of the following tips.

Tips For Being Straightforward With Social Media Writing:

  • Be direct.
  • Do not confuse.
  • Do not write out things too long. (Remember that there is a character limit on most social media pages.)

You can find more information on limits on social media sites at

3. Try To Really Get Involved.

When writing for social media you will want to be involved. Get personal with the people. Of course stay professional but you can also get personal. This builds trust. After all social media was meant to connect with one another.

When you post, post personally. Think of personal word usage, I, we and me. Remember that when making your next social media post.

4. Include Pictures Or Graphics.

Do you want to know what really attracts people to read something? The visual appeal. This has been around forever. If you want to draw attention to a post try adding photos to the post. People will more than likely read that when something catches their eye. It gets the people involved. It is easy to skim over some words but when you see a picture you can’t help but, well, see it.

Tips For Posting Graphics:

  • Always make sure that the photos or graphics are relevant.
  • Post pictures that catch the eye. (No one cares to click on bring photos.)
  • You can find some photos online at if you are interested in checking out some photos that you can purchase on your own.

5. Make Your Content Shareable.

The best way to get information out is to make it shareable. Of course, you will want to write content that people will want to share for starters. When they find it intriguing, helpful or interesting then they are most likely to share it. Sometimes it may be something funny.

Sharing is the best way to get content out on social media for more views.

Be careful to keep the same voice and only post relevant information. Always remain professional but you can have a personal touch. People tend to respond better to posts of that sort.

6. Always Recheck Your Work Before Posting.

The worst thing to do is have posts out that are clearly in need of editing. It is always a good rule of thumb to check over your work and make of the necessary changes before posting it on a social media site.

Do not wait for others to point out your mistake. If worse comes to worse you can always take it down then edit it then repost. It is always best to try to avoid such errors first.

I hope this information helps. Check out this youtube video for more information.