Rockhill City Guide Around The House How Do Movers Calculate Weight?

How Do Movers Calculate Weight?

How Do Movers Calculate Weight?

There are a lot of costs to consider when moving. It can be such a big task. It is helpful to hire a moving company to have all of your items moved safely and efficiently. However, it is important to know what the costs are when using a moving company. You may find yourself asking how they calculate the weight to charge you for moving the items. We Like to Move It, Move It!!, a company of Lynnwood movers, has shared some details about the different factors that go in to determining a weight and price for a move.

Weight Is Not the Only Thing Calculated

When coming up with an estimate, weight will not be the only thing calculated to determine the price. The distance of the move will be calculated in the price of the move as well. While they do not have an actual scale that they carry around, there are some methods that moving companies use to determine the weight for charging costs.

The Movers Will Do an Assessment

When it is time to move, movers will come to the home or the place where the items to be moved are and do an assessment. Not only will the weight of the items be taken into account, but the difficulty in moving the items will also be a determining factor. Some things such as stairs can change the price of a quote really quickly.

The price of moving does involve how difficult or simple the move will be. The heavier the items that need to be moved, the more the cost to move it will be. This is because a lot of effort goes into moving those heavier items. Sometimes it will require more movers which means more employees to pay for the moving company.

Consider What Is Being Moved

An entire inventory of what is being moved will be included. This is something that must be done to determine the cost. While this may seem a little odd being that it is not the actual weight, it is still included in order to determine the estimate for the move. An entire assessment of the items to be moved will be done and this will generate the actual price to move everything.

Who Does the Calculation?

Professionals sent by the moving company will come out and do a proper assessment of the items to be moved. Professional movers have many years of experience and know what the appropriate prices are for moving different kinds of items.

You can read more about what a professional mover does at MyMove.

They Know the Average Weight

Movers will know the average weight of an item. Anyone who has been lifting something for years can give rough estimates on how much something weighs. For instance, a person can go on the internet right now and research how much the average twin size bed weighs, but a mover that has been in the business for years will not need to do such research.

A professional mover can estimate what the average weight of something is without having to do research or even break out a scale. While they do not know exact weight of every single item, the average is what will be calculated into the price of what the moving company will charge to move the entire house of items and furniture.

The Destination Matters

When calculating the weight and how much to charge for moving items. the destination will also be a factor. The heavier a load is, the more gas it will take to haul the entire load. The mover may also have to go to weighing stations too. So the destination of the items to be moved will certainly contribute to the overall price.

An Exact Measurement Is Taken During the Move

An accurate weight measurement can be done by weighing the truck while empty. Then all of the items that are going to be weighed will be loaded onto the truck. Once everything is loaded, the truck is weighed once more. Some simple math is used to determine the exact weight.

Subtract the amount of the loaded truck from the truck’s natural weight and you will know the total weight of the items being moved. A moving company can then charge the exact amount for the exact weight. This makes everything simple. A weigh station can help in getting these numbers.

Ask the Professionals Questions

If there is any concern about the proper weight calculation and the price, do not hesitate to ask the professional movers questions. This allows for everyone to have a clear understanding of the assessment and calculation process.