Rockhill City Guide Legal How to Get Your Car Out of Impound After Being Towed

How to Get Your Car Out of Impound After Being Towed

How to Get Your Car Out of Impound After Being Towed

Once a car has been impounded, it can leave one feeling a bit worried about how to get it back. There are several reasons why vehicles get impounded every day. The reason a vehicle has been impounded will determine how to get it back. You can find every way to get your car out of impound below.

Find Your Car

The worst part about being towed is not knowing where the vehicle went. This can be a very troublesome feeling. No worries though, the vehicle can be located. Canadian Towing, who specializes in towing in Ottawa, has detailed several ways to find your vehicle below. Once you have determined that the car has been towed, you can then call the tow company and ask what information will be needed.

Take a look at some of the following steps on how to locate your vehicle.

  • Call the police: Do not call 911 unless you think your car has been stolen. If you feel that your car has been towed, you should call the police at the non-emergency phone number. They can help locate the car.
  • Call the DMV: The DMV should be able to help locate the missing vehicle.
  • If parked outside of a business, you can ask them if they had the car towed or if anyone saw the car being towed.
  • Look at signs: If there is a sign that says that you are in a tow away zone, there should be a phone number on the sign. This is one of the easiest ways to locate a missing vehicle.

Once Found, Bring Paperwork

If your car has been impounded for no other reason than being parked in a tow away zone, then it should be very easy to get your car back. There are some things that you will need when going to get your car out of impound. Without these documents, you may not be able to get the car back.

Here is a list of some of the items that will be needed when getting your car out of impound:

  • Your driver’s license.
  • The amount to pay for the fees of the impound.
  • Possibly the insurance information.
  • Any other necessary information that the towing company requests. It is good to call and ask about what is needed before taking the trip to the impound lot.

You can find more information on this at The Balance.

The Sooner the Better

When going to get your car out of impound, it is very important to get it out sooner than later. If the car sits for a long time, then the tow company can pursue further action. Do note that every day that the car is impounded it is collecting fees. A lot of tow companies charge a rate per day that the car sits impounded.

Learn more about impound fees at CostHelper.

Reasons You Cannot Get the Car Out of Impound

If the car has been impounded by a finance company, then you will need to call and make arrangements with them to get the car out of impound. It can be difficult to get the car out of impound once it has been repossessed. If the vehicle has been impounded by the sheriff’s department, you may need to get in contact with them to see when they will release the vehicle.

How to Get the Car Out

Once you have all of the information needed to get the car out, including having all of the proper paperwork, then you can go to the tow company. Once there you can complete all of the paperwork necessary to get the car out of impound. Below you can find some of the necessary steps to get the car back in your hands.

  • Fill out and sign all the paperwork to get the car out of being impounded at the tow yard.
  • Pay all of the fees needed to get the car out.  Note that the tow company will not release the car until all of the fees are paid. Some companies may have special arrangements. For the most part, they are due up front.

It is never fun when a car gets impounded, but with the steps above you can get your car back and be on the road once more. Try to look out for tow away zones and be wary of where you leave your car for long periods of time. You can also check out this YouTube video for more information.