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Is In Vitro Fertilization Cheaper in Mexico?

Is In Vitro Fertilization Cheaper in Mexico?

In vitro fertilization is often a chance for a family to grow and finally have a baby when nothing has worked in the past. With the high costs of doing this procedure in the United States, many couples are forced to come to a harsh reality that this may not work for them. They may start to look at other countries and wonder if this treatment is cheaper in Mexico.

In vitro fertilization is cheaper in Mexico than in America, according to Enlistalo, who provides the cost of IVF in Mexico via consultations. In America, it is not uncommon for this treatment to cost upwards of $30,000. And that is with just one treatment. In Mexico, it is possible to get it done for $7500, not including travel costs. The doctors are highly trained and skilled in Mexico so you can get a great IVF treatment there as well for a fraction of the cost.

Let’s take a closer look at the costs of IVF in Mexico, why it costs less, and whether you should consider this treatment option for you.

Is In Vitro Fertilization Cheaper in Mexico?

When you want to expand your family but find it is hard to get pregnant, in vitro may be the next option to consider. In America, in vitro is expensive and many families may not be able to afford it. Even those who can, find that one or two rounds are about all the money they have before they need to give up.

It is estimated that these treatments will cost up to $30,000 in America. And if you go through several rounds of it, the costs can get higher. And the costs are not covered by health insurance so you will need to pay it all out of pocket on your own. In addition to the high costs, many families will need to finance their dream of starting a family with high-interest loans, putting them in a less than ideal financial situation from the start.

In Mexico, the cost is much less. You can get affordable packages for closer to $7500 in some cities in Mexico and the doctors will still follow high-quality health standards like you will find in America.

There are different reasons why these savings are possible. This is due to the low cost of land, labor, and materials in Mexico. And because the costs are low for the doctors and researchers as well, fertility specialists can invest more money in state-of-the-art reproductive technology to give you the very best, while still making it affordable.

How is IVF Done in Mexico?

When you do IVF in Mexico, the process will be similar to what you experience in America. The clinic will review your case to decide what is causing infertility. If you have not had this done yet, then they can work through that with you. With the problem found, the doctor will design a medication protocol to help prepare you for conception. They will also do ultrasounds to figure out the best time to extract the ovules.

Extracting the ovules will not require hospitalization and you just need mild sedation for a bit of discomfort. You can go back to the hotel when it is done. Later, during the same time, the IVD will happen with the highest-quality semen from the sample obtained. With these collected, you get two options:

  • Place the sperm and eggs in a petri dish and let it fertilize the eggs over the next day.
  • The doctor will inject just one sperm into the ovule to increase the chance of conception in severe cases.

Just like with IVF in America, it is possible that you will need to go through more than one cycle before getting pregnant. This is why the doctor may freeze some eggs from the first extraction to save time and to help you try a few times as well. If all goes well, you can have the treatment all done in one day and head home after some rest.

How Do I Get to Mexico?

The costs that we talked about before are for the treatment options on their own. You will need to plan for any additional expenses to get to the doctor of your choice in the country, along with a few nights in a hotel. Depending on where you live, it is possible to arrive the same morning as your appointment and then go home later that afternoon.

If you do need to fly in for the treatment, plane tickets for yourself and your spouse will not be too expensive. Many hospitals that offer IVF to international patients will also provide discounts for local hotels to make this more affordable. Even with the travel costs, you will find that the cost of this treatment is a fraction of what you would spend in America.

Considering IVF for Your Family

By the time a couple gets to the idea of IVF to grow their family, they have already spent a good deal of time trying to have a baby. They may have already spent some money as well and the idea of dropping more money in America for these treatments can seem overwhelming. The good news is that Mexico is not that far away and can provide these treatments for a fraction of the cost, while still providing you with exceptional doctors, the latest technology, and all the help you need!