Rockhill City Guide Tech Can a Cracked Mobile Phone Screen be Repaired?

Can a Cracked Mobile Phone Screen be Repaired?

Can a Cracked Mobile Phone Screen be Repaired

It takes just a moment, and before you know it your phone is cracked. At best the damage is just aesthetic, while at worst the phone is unusable. The good news is that if you have minor damage on your phone you can fix those cracks with just a few tools and some patience.

So, what are phone screens made out of anyways?
There are actually three layers – the first is the liquid crystal display (LCD) that shows everything, next is the tiny wire mesh that works as the touch screen portion, and finally is the protective glass on top that keeps everything inside.

What tools will I need to fix my phone?
According to BreakFixNow, who does phone repair in Singapore, if you are going to attempt to fix your phone yourself, you’re going to need a small screwdriver (typically a Phillips #0), a metal spudger set, an iFixit opening tool, and a 64-bit driver kit. Of course, you’re going to need the replacement screen as well.

Are there kits?
Yes, there are several kits available online and in stores that offer everything mentioned above and more. The best kits include a precision screwdriver, some mini pry bars, precision bits, and a storage box to contain all of the tools.

So, how do I fix my phone screen?

Since there are so many types of phones out there, there are several different ways to go about it. Typically you’re going to want to remove the battery and sim card, and then start detaching screws from the back and detaching the plastic bits off with the mini pry bars.

What if I have an iPhone?
In the case of accidental damage, most apple products aren’t covered. Since Apple likes to use special hardware you need to get special equipment to do it yourself. I would recommend the iCracked kit as it covers everything you need for basic screen replacement.

How much does it cost to get someone else to fix it?
I would check with the warranty first. That means getting ahold of the manufacturer or the place the sold it to you. If it is out of warranty you need not despair – many local repair shops will fix your phone at a fraction of the cost that the manufacturer would.

What if I drop it in the water?

There are a few phones out there that are actually waterproof up to several feet – if you don’t have one of these I would recommend immediately disassembling the phone and shaking or blowing off as much water as you can.

I’ve heard rice works well with waterlogged phones.
Surprisingly, it doesn’t work as well as you would think. When compared to other absorbent materials such as cat litter, oatmeal, and silica gel, uncooked rice did significantly worse. While using rice won’t hurt, it doesn’t replace just trying to dry the phone of manually.

What if my phone is unfixable?

As unfortunate as this is, this does sometimes happen. Instead of just throwing it away you can either recycle it at a local place or sell it online – you would be surprised how often broken phones like this are bought for extra parts.

What are the best areas to recycle my old phone?

Oftentimes manufacturers have their own recycling program at their local stores. Retailers like Best Buy take in old phones regardless of the model. If your phone is still in working order and you just don’t want it, there are many charities that can reuse them for people in poverty.

How can I prevent it from breaking in the future?
Well, the best thing you can do is just to simply not drop it. Try to keep your phone out of harm’s way if you are doing something, and invest into one of the many protective phone cases out on the market today.

What is this about phone cases?

A good phone case will do wonders in protecting your phone. They come in polyurethane, polycarbonate, carbon fiber, and even wood. Some cases also come with other features, like a built-in wallet to keep your ID and credit cards.

What are the best phone cases?
I would recommend getting a phone case that incorporates two materials in one. For instance, there are silica phone cases that are soft enough to absorb an impact, while at the same time wrapped in a tougher outer shell for added protection.

Anything else I should know?

A cracked cell phone screen isn’t the end of the world. All you need is a couple tools and a bit of patience to fix them yourself. After this, I would recommend taking some preventative measures to make sure it doesn’t happen again in the form of investing into a phone case.