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How to Order a Wedding Dress

How to Order a Wedding Dress

In the midst of wedding planning, it can be difficult to decide when to complete each of the important steps. Of course, the wedding dress is a major necessity. It’s not as simple as finding the perfect dress though. As Maureen Callaghan Dressmaker (her website) notes, you need to know when to order it and how long it will take for it to come in. We’re going to go over how to order a wedding dress so that goes well for you.

What Should You Do Before Ordering a Wedding Dress?

Before you begin shopping for a dress, you should do a few different things:

  • Figure out your budget: Wedding dresses can be expensive. You need to decide on a wedding budget and a wedding dress budget too. This will help you to decide on a store to start at.
  • Look online for ideas: It’s helpful to have some ideas before you go into a store. Look on Pinterest or Google for wedding dress styles. Save pictures of your favorite ones so that you can look for something similar when you’re at the store.
  • Find bridal shops: With a quick search, you should be able to find a few bridal shops in your area. You should look at the reviews for each of them. You can also look at their price ranges to see if they fit your budget. Finally, look at pictures of what they have to offer if their inventory is listed online.

By preparing for this search, the whole process will be much easier on you!

How to Order a Wedding Dress

First, you will have to actually go to a bridal shop. You will have the opportunity to try on dresses. Your measurements will be taken too so that your dress can be custom made.

Next, once you have selected a dress, you will pay a deposit. Most bridal stores charge a 60% deposit fee, but it can vary. Then you will have to wait for your dress to come in.

Once your dress is ready, you will have to go back to try it on several times. This is so that alterations can be made. Almost every bride requires several alterations.

Most brides choose to order dresses from a physical bridal shop. You can also shop for a wedding dress online. You should just make sure you have your measurements. According to PopSugar, you should also be aware of scams. Be cautious and look for secure payment options.

Are All Wedding Dresses Custom Made?

According to The Knot, you will likely be buying a custom made dress. There are a couple of exceptions, including:

  • Sample dresses: These dresses may be the ones on display at a bridal shop.
  • Ready-to-wear dresses: These are dresses that are available for purchase when you try them on.

Dresses are custom made so that you can get a dress that fits you perfectly. Sometimes you might be able to get a dress that fits you just right. If this happens, you won’t need to wait for the dress to come in.

How Long Does It Take for a Wedding Dress to Come in?

According to, custom wedding dresses take about nine months to be made. This means that you should start the process as soon as possible.

Keep in mind that you will likely need alterations after you receive it. We’ll get into that later. There can be other delays with your wedding dress too. Try your best to order it quickly.

How to Ensure You Get Your Dress on Time

In most cases, your wedding dress should be ready on time. Everything doesn’t always go as planned though. The fabric may be on back order. There might be an influx of orders.

When you order your wedding dress, you should be notified if it’s going to take longer than expected. This can help you to plan ahead. This also gives you the opportunity to order a different dress if needed.

Will the Wedding Dress Be Ready to Wear When It Comes in?

Once you receive your wedding dress, you may still need to make some changes to it. You should find a good tailor, preferably one who has experience with wedding dresses.

Keep in mind that some bridal shops have tailors there for you to use. Most of them should be aware of the urgency and be willing to work efficiently. Then you will know that the tailor is familiar with wedding dresses too.

Some brides end up having their dress altered several times after it is delivered. Be sure to factor in time for alterations. Not all tailors will be able to get you in right away. There may also be some turnaround time too.

If you get lucky, you may not need to make any alterations. Be prepared and plan ahead just in case!

Do some research before you go wedding dress shopping. This will help you know what you want. You can find the dress of your dreams as long as you leave yourself enough time to do so. Remember that a wedding dress takes nine months to make. The dress should be selected as soon as possible!