Rockhill City Guide Web Design Can I Promote My Website on Facebook?

Can I Promote My Website on Facebook?

Can I promote My Website on Facebook?

So, you have built a new website, or have had a website and want to bring in some traffic. The best way to do that is to promote it. With social media sites being big in today’s society, it is not only wise to turn to them to promote products but your website too. Let me show you how.

Why Facebook?

Facebook has over One Billion people. That is a whole lot of people. By promoting your website on Facebook you will have a large audience. With so many people and tons of different interest, you are bound to create more traffic to your website. That is why people are going to Facebook to promote their sites every day.

It is simple.
The marketing experts at Grizzly (Grizzly offers the best SEO Bristol has to offer) tell us that the process to promote a website is simple. There are no crazy hoops to jump through. Another great thing is, you get what you pay for. There are no hidden fees. Facebook goes on a daily budget. You do not have to worry about anything coming out your bank account without permission first. So, it is safe and convenient.

Facebook Does The Work.
The last thing that you need on your list is more work. Not only is it simple to promote your website on Facebook, it is simple, as stated above. You do not have to stress over creating nice flyers for your ads or even coming up with content. You simply tell Facebook what you want and they do the rest. They create everything you need. You just fill in the blank.

Where to Start?

You can indeed promote your website on Facebook. This can be done by creating an additional page linked to your own Facebook social media account, or by advertising it with the adoptions that Facebook has. The first and main thing I want to do is talk about price and availability.

How Much Does it Cost?

This is usually the first question that one would have when wanting to promote a website. How much will it cost? When it comes to promoting your website on Facebook, it is all up to you. This can cost as little or as much as you like. The more you pay the more, the more your website will be advertised. The availability is there. All you need is to formulate how much to spend.

What Will I Need?

The first thing that you should do is come up with a Business page on Facebook. On Facebook, you will need to have this business page connected to your personal account. This protects the security of people and ensures that you are not a bot.

You will need your website URL.
In order to link your website to your new Facebook business account for promotion, you will need an URL.

What are some of the next steps?

The next steps are fairly simple. All you have to do is go to the page that you created to promote your website and then click, advertise your business. Facebook will then have a link to promote your website. It will be called “ Get more Visitors”. You can then click on that link and follow the steps provided.

Some more information is available at

What Are Some Other Tips and Tricks?

There are a few things that you can do when promoting your website on Facebook. There are also a few things to avoid. Let me go over some with you below.

  • Use your real name to make the account. If you do not and you seem to attract a lot of followers or someone reports you, Facebook then has the right to delete your account. Do you know what that, means? You guessed it, all you work down the drain. Use your real name.
  • Don’t go over budget. Get what you can afford. The longer running ad, the better. Do not try to overpay by having your ad at the top of the list. It is better to have your ad ran for more days then be right out front.
  • You can boost a post to create more traffic. When you boost a post you are bringing it out more. It is able to reach more people. Facebook shows you how many people your post reaches. If you boost your post it then is able to reach more people. Make sure you include a link directly to your website in the post that you boost. It makes it convenient for people to click right to where you want them.

Some Last Thoughts Before You Leave This Page

I do hope that all this information is valuable to you and that you are able to bring in more traffic to your website with Facebook. This is a great way to get your website known and bring people to you. Be patient and keep on promoting. Be sure to add new content frequently, like once a day or even week. This keeps people posted. Thanks! has some more info. You can also check out this youtube video in the link.