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How To Get Rid Of Your Old Mattress

How To Get Rid Of Your Old Mattress

Now that you have a new mattress, you are probably wondering what to do with your old one. If your old mattress is in good shape, you may not want to throw it out. There are several ways to get rid of your old mattress without taking it straight to the dump. You can find other ways to use it in your home.

How To Get The Mattress Out of Your Home.

There are many ways to get rid of that old mattress you no longer want in your home. If you are certain that you do not want to repurpose your mattress, then you can start by using some of the following steps that are listed below.

Furniture Delivery Services

If you bought from a new furniture place that delivers, and they are going to deliver your new mattress, you can ask them to take the old one. Most companies will take the old furniture off your hands. This makes it simple for them to place the new furniture in your home.

Junk Removal Services

You can call your local junk removal service to come and take your mattress.They’ll also take any other junk you have laying around. Some removal services have a flat rate for removing a mattress, like Rid-Of-It Vancouver, who does junk removal in Vancouver. They also say on their website that mattresses are banned from landfills, so you need a Junk Removal service like theirs to properly recycle an old mattress.

Neighbor or Friend

Ask a neighbor or friend who has a truck to haul it to the local dump for you. There may be some changes involved. They are not that much most of the time. Maybe even offer to pay someone to haul the old mattress off for you.

Trusted Apps

Get an app like letgo or offerup and place the mattress on their for free. If you want, you may even sell it for a reasonable price. These apps are easy to use and easy to post on. You can check into them at the link.


Offer your old mattress on You must be careful on this site for scams. Never post your address or anything of personal value. It is always better to meet at a local place. So, I would not suggest this if you are wanting someone to come to your home to pick up the old mattress.

Curb Alerts

You can do a curb alert. This is where you post on any of the websites above or even social websites that you may be linked to. You can post information about what you are about to place on the curb for the garbage truck. This makes it simple where no one has to come into your home. If someone wants it, they come get it. No questions asked.


The Salvation Army or Goodwill take donations of all kinds. People are always in need of something. The best way to lower trash in the landfill is to donate and/or reuse. This also helps others who would be without a mattress otherwise. If you are going to trash it, why not donate. At least someone is using it, and most of the time are very grateful for it too.

Repurpose Your Old Mattress

You may want to repurpose your old mattress. With the internet readily available you can find endless ideas on what to do with old things. If you do not have a spare room to use your old mattress in, you can try some of these other ideas.

Here are some ideas for those old bed springs you may want to try out.

Plant Holder
You can use an old bedspring to hold a small plant. It creates a rustic look. All those old bed springs can be used for good!

Make a Birds Nest
A lot of people love the unique look of birds nest to decorate in their home. You can take a bedspring and make a bird’s nest out the top of it. It creates an elegant design that gives the home some decorating ideas.

A Garden Trellis
A lot of people are taking their old mattress springs and using them as a garden trellis. It may sound like it would not look very good, but when the plants start to grow you will have a beautiful garden with a trellis no cost to you.

A Room Divider
I know this one may sound a bit strange, but you can make a room divider out of your old mattress springs. People have laced lights through the springs and hung the springs from the ceiling. This turns out looking really nice. The work is not all that much either!

The Ultimate Hammock
This one is cozy. You can rope up that old mattress and enjoy a little relaxation. The work involved to accomplish this is next to nothing. Just make sure that you have the mattress firmly hung up. You would not want it to fall when you are trying to rest.

I hope that all these suggestions help you decide which route to take to get rid of that old mattress.