Rockhill City Guide Around The House How to Match Paint That Is Already on the Wall

How to Match Paint That Is Already on the Wall

How to Match Paint That Is Already on the Wall

It is time to touch up some paint. Maybe you need to paint a single wall. You want the same color, but you may be wondering how to get a perfect match. The worst thing is thinking that you have a perfect match and end up with two different colors. Melbourne Painters Group, a great company of local Melbourne house painters, has shared some information on how to match the existing color of paint already on the wall.

Why Would Paint Need to Be Matched?

There are several reasons as to why a paint color on an existing wall would need to be matched. For instance, if a hole was put into a wall it will need to be painted over once patched up and sealed. Sometimes some small touch ups will be needed over time. It is good to keep a sample of the color that the wall is.

What to Do When You Do Not Have a Sample

Things tend to get lost in everyday life. For instance, the paint swatch that was being kept for times when more paint is needed. Sometimes you are not the one who put the existing paint on there. So, what should one do to get a perfect match? Well, not all hope is lost. Just because there is no extra paint does not mean that the entire area should be repainted with a new color.

Below is some information on how to get a paint match of an existing paint color already on the wall. Take a look!

Use the Samples in Store

This may take more than one trip to the store, but it will give you an exact match. Go into a store to purchase paint. There should be tons of paint samples. Pick all of the colors that closely match the color that is already on the wall. Once home you can then place them against the wall until you find the exact match.

You can also bring in the matches that are close and ask if there are any closer matches. The salesperson can assist you with this step.

Bring in a Piece of the Paint

Sometimes this is not something that is able to be done. However, if there is a piece of the wall that has come off when patching a hole, you can then take that piece and find the perfect match in store. This helps to get a closer match than just guessing the closest color.

Even with a Perfect Match, the Paint Can Look Newer

Let’s face it, that new paint looks well, newer. This can make it hard to do touch-ups on existing paint. Do not fret though. There are some things that can be done to make the new paint match even better. Depending on exactly what is being painted with the new paint there are some steps below. Let’s check them out.

  • Stippling: This is where the wall is painted and then a dry roller is rolled over the edges of the fresh new paint. This allows for more of a blended look. This should only be done when a large area needs to be matched with the existing paint. It gives it a single look.
  • Feathering: This method should be done when small areas are being covered. This is great for little touch-ups. Start in the middle of the area that is to be painted and then dab the paint on from the center out. This makes the paint look less glossy and gives it a better match.

You can find more information on how to make paint match better when applying at Angie’s List.

What Are Some Things Not to Do?

Sometimes when there is a hole in the wall one will want to just patch it and paint over it. While this is a great and easy fix, do note that the best way to fix a hole and get a better look is to paint over the entire wall that has the hole. A patch will have the tendency to have a different color even when the paint is an exact match.

You can find more information on how to patch a hole properly to get a better match at The Family Handyman.

Sometimes It Is Better to Repaint

If the area that you are trying to touch up has not been painted in many years, then it is probably best to consider repainting the entire area. Paint fades and loses luster over time.

If you are interested, this YouTube video has a ton of tips and tricks that may help during this process. Before long, you will have the perfect paint match and be on your way to having a nicely painted wall once again!