Rockhill City Guide Around The House How Do You Renovate an Old Fitted Wardrobe?

How Do You Renovate an Old Fitted Wardrobe?

How Do You Renovate an Old Fitted Wardrobe

Most bedrooms come equipped with a built-in wardrobe. The wardrobe is a bedroom utility we make use of on a daily basis. A good number of us see wardrobes as an important part of our everyday life. This is why we always want our wardrobe to always be as appealing as possible. The question then is: What cost-effective options are available for the renovation of an old fitted wardrobe? James Kilner Fitted Wardrobes & Bedrooms, which makes fitted wardrobes in Sheffield, has advised on the many options available.

Signs That Your Old Fitted Wardrobe Needs an Update

Some of us may be unaware that our wardrobes need an update. Due to the daily rush, we may be too busy to notice the little signs that indicate our wardrobe needs renovation. Ask yourself these questions to help determine whether you need to make some wardrobe updates.

  • Does your wardrobe décor contrast sharply with your room décor?
  • Are the door handles looking like they could be featured in an antique show?
  • Do the doors have scratches, marks, chips and/or wood moth?
  • Is it painted at all?
  • Do you often feel indifferent or depressed whenever you see or open your wardrobe?
  • Are you ever reluctant to allow someone else into your bedroom because of the state of your wardrobe?
  • Do you feel particles of wood on the floor and/or door?

If your answer to any two or more of these questions is yes, then you may have to seriously consider updating your wardrobe. You may have even been thinking about updating it lately but you’ve got a tight budget; don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. There are several cost-effective options that can give your fitted wardrobe that elegant look you desire.

Great Cost-Effective Options to Consider When Updating Your Wardrobe

Innovative and decorative designs are ever increasing because demand for a comfortable, elegant looking room is also on the rise. We all want the maximum possible comfort from our homes. You don’t always have to spend a lot to on an expert designer to achieve this. Same goes for that old fitted wardrobe you wish to renovate. Here a few suggestions you could work on:

Apply New Paint

Re-painting your fitted wardrobe could make so much difference. That dull-looking wardrobe of yours can be brightened with just a painting makeover. All you need is just the paint, paintbrush and paint roller.

In choosing your paint, ensure you choose one that is scentless so that the scent won’t affect occupants of the house. Also, choose one that won’t peel easily since your wardrobe gets used daily. Before you begin painting, ensure you spread some newspaper on the floor because of paint splashes.

Change the Door Handles

You simply need to take a look at the varieties of simple, stylish, elegant door handles that exist on Amazon. You’ll fall in love with several! I believe your department store should also have great designs to offer you if you feel like going there. The trick is that changing that old looking, outdated door knob can go a long way to giving your wardrobe a stylish look, particularly if you add new paint to the mix. You don’t have to change the whole door before you achieve elegance. Changing just the door handle and painting the wardrobe may be all that’s needed to achieve that great look.

Do Away with the Door

Another great idea to renovate your fitted in wardrobe is to remove the door completely. Removing the door completely and baring it all can be a game changer for your wardrobe’s appearance. You could cover your wardrobe partially, with the curtains concealing parts you wouldn’t want to be seen. This would add a soft element of style to your built-in wardrobe.

Replace the Door

If you’ve got a bit of cash on you, you could opt to change your door completely to another one. It is common knowledge that through technology, new, better, elegant and durable products keep emerging in the market. Why not hop down to the closest store to you and opt for a new door that would definitely be much more elegant, stylish and better looking.

You could opt for a sliding door if you need more room space, thereby saving the space taken up by swinging doors. You may also consider a glass door which gives the room more light through reflection.


Having an elegant, up-to-date wardrobe is an essential feature of every bedroom. Updating a built-in-wardrobe can be very challenging. Therefore, I have suggested a few promising options that are cost-effective in giving your wardrobe a totally new look. They are summarized below:

  • Paint your wardrobe a different color.
  • Change that ancient door handle to a stylish, trendy, new one.
  • Do away with the door completely and bare it all or use a fashionable curtain.
  • Replace that dull looking door with another that matches the design of your room.