Rockhill City Guide Fashion What Are Wedding Dresses Made Of?

What Are Wedding Dresses Made Of?

What Are Wedding Dresses Made Of?

Have you ever wondered what those big white wedding dresses are made of? Of course you have. Wedding dress can be made from a number of different fabrics. Each detail may require different material. Let’s take a look below to see what exactly they are made of.

There is not one single fabric that wedding dresses are made of. There is actually a long list of different kinds of fabrics. Some fabrics are certainly better than others while other materials are, well, not so great.  So, while there is no single answer to the question, let’s look at some of the different materials and what they are like below.

Fleur de Lys Bridal, a bridal shop in Essex, advises that if you are interested in a more traditional fabric for your gown, then you may want to check out some of these fabrics. They have been used for so long because they are some of the best fabrics for this style of dress.

Classy and Lightweight Chiffon

Chiffon is commonly used when making wedding dresses. You can find several layers of chiffon in such wedding dresses. The reason why is it is a very sheer material. Chiffon is very delicate and often see-through. However, it is virtually weightless. This makes it great for all wedding dresses.

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Think Sexy and Graceful with Lace

You can bet that wedding dresses have been made with lace for a long time. Why do away with it now? Not only is it sexy, but it is extremely classy. You can find lace in a several different styles. Lace is a fabric that is often used as an overlay or around the hems and edges of sleeves and collars.

What About Sheer Tulle?

Tulle is a very light material. It is similar to chiffon with its sheerness. However, tulle has more of a net-like appearance than chiffon. It is also very delicate. Not only is it great for wedding dresses but it is wonderful when paired with other materials. Plus, it does not feel suffocating with its breezy design.

The Sleek Satin

Satin is often used in wedding dresses. It is very durable yet gives a delicate and feminine look. A lot of other types of fabrics can be used in conjunction with satin. It works well as a structural fabric and can help hold all other fabrics in place. This can make a wedding dress thicker and give it a fuller body.

Fancy from Silk, Organza

Organza is a type of fabric that is woven from silk. It is a very delicate fabric that is very lightweight. Not only is it great for layers but it is good for designs too. It has a very beautiful look to it that is similar to chiffon with its sheerness. It has more of a flowing look to it rather than stiff like chiffon is.

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Light and Classy Charmeuse

This fabric is often used for wedding dresses. It is a type of material that is most often derived from silk. Charmeuse has more of a flowing look. It certainly turns heads with its style. However it does tend to be used more in column style dresses.

Similar to Silk, Rayon

Rayon is more elastic than silk. Plus, it is actually more affordable. Rayon fabric is breathable which makes it great for any weather. Brides tend to get nervous, so this allows for less sweating. It is often used in wedding dresses in place of silk.

What About Velvet?

Did you know that velvet can be used in wedding dresses too? It used to be the most common fabric for wedding dresses. It can tend to be very hot though. A lot of people have switched to more of a sheer look with tulle or chiffon, but velvet is still used in many wedding dresses today.

Wondering About That Outside Layer?

Georgette is a very sheen and weightless material that is made from polyester or even silk. It is used on the outer layer of the wedding dress. It creates a very classy and elegant layer.

All of these materials are great. This is not a full and complete list of the fabrics that can be used in gowns, just a list of the most commonly used. If interested, you can check out this YouTube video for more information on wedding dresses.