Rockhill City Guide Tech iPhone6: What If the Screen Comes Off When Repairing?

iPhone6: What If the Screen Comes Off When Repairing?

iPhone6: What If the Screen Comes Off When Repairing?

Fixing a phone isn’t always a simple matter. Apple products in particular are notorious for being a bit of a process. One of the issues that often comes up when repairing these devices is that the screen pops off in the middle of the repair. Here, we will go over some tips to help avoid this unfortunate event.

Is There Anything I Should Know Before I Try to Repair My iPhone?

Apple wants users to go through their official repair services before attempting to repair it yourself or going through a third party. Finet Wireless, which does phone repair in Hamilton, cautions people to be careful when doing a repair on their own. Someone who doesn’t know what they are doing can trigger something called Error 53, causing the device to become little more than a paperweight.

Error 53 is caused when someone mistakenly replaces the Touch ID sensor along with the screen. It’s important when carrying out any repair on your iPhone 6 not to mess with this sensor, which can sometimes be a difficult prospect if you need to replace your entire screen.

What Kind of Tools Do I Need?

Before you start the repair process, you need to have a good tool kit. While there are many kits out there, you don’t need to pay an arm and a leg for one. Make sure whatever you invest in has a magnetic Phillips, flat, and pentalobe screwdriver, along with a plastic pic and suction cup.

After you get the tools ready, you need to turn off the iPhone. From here, you need to remove the screws located on the bottom of the screen. Place the suction device on the screen of the phone, gently maneuver the pry bar between the front frame and the side, and pull up.

What Do I Do Once the Phone Is Open?

If the bottom of your phone is closest to you, you should see a small metal bracket in the upper right hand corner of your phone next to the battery. Gently unscrew this (make sure to keep track of the screw locations), and underneath you should be able to pop up the black hinge.

You need to gently unscrew the plates around the home button. After you’ve done this, pop it up lightly with your plastic pick. After it comes off, you need to be careful, as damage to the home button can trigger error 53. Now you can transplant it to the new screen.

From here, you can just work backwards from here to put everything back together. Just make sure you reconnect any cables you may have undone. You should also have set your screws off to the side in a formation that will allow you to put them back in the correct holes. Not doing so can pierce or break something inside of your phone.

If the screen starts to pop off at this point, it isn’t the end of the world. You need to merely pop off the front of the iPhone once again. After you go through that process, you can simply use a small bead of super glue and put it around the frame of the screen, using only the tiniest bit.

This All Seems Really Complicated, Can I Get Someone Else to Fix It?

You sure can! As mentioned before, Apple prefer you go through their repair services, as their technicians will be certified in all things Apple. For someone trying to save a dollar though, there are plenty of third party services available to fix your device.

If you have Apple’s phone insurance policy, AppleCare+, you can get most of their products repaired from around $149. If not, it will cost considerably more. You can either send your product in for repair via mail, or bring it in to an official Apple Store to get it fixed.

What Is the Best Way to Avoid Something Like This in the Future?

The best way to fix a screen is to avoid having it break in the first place, so invest in a case. There are plenty of different materials to choose from, like polyurethane, leather, and wood, to name a few. Make sure whatever you get has plenty of cushion and a scratch guard.

As long as you are meticulous and careful, you should be able to get your iPhone up and running in no time. If the screen pops up in the middle of the repair, just take a little time to apply a small squirt of glue to the outer rim. If you prefer, repair services are available if you find this process too difficult.