Rockhill City Guide Around The House Tips for Moving to London

Tips for Moving to London

tips on moving to london

Moving to London can be very exciting. You do not want the stress of moving all your stuff and in the process, lose focus on the excitement. I have some great tips that will help you get through your move effortlessly, as well as carefree as one can be in a move.

Who Do I Call?

Often finding the right moving company can prove to be very difficult. There are so many websites and phone numbers to call where you can find the perfect company for your move. The question is which one do you call?

They all say the same stuff about how they are trustworthy and move your items quickly but let us face the fact that not all companies are careful with our things. I know from experience that things get broken in a move. I myself have broken some of my most valuable items. I needed someone to move my things and that someone needed to be even more careful than myself.

I have found that CompanyBeuser Group Man and van, a London man and van removal service, is a reliable service that fits just about all your moving needs. They are exactly what they sound like. You pick a van and you get a man and they do all your moving for you. Depending on how much stuff you are moving you may need a larger van and they have several different size vans to pick from.

Not only do they have options to fit personal needs, but they do not charge extra for extra pick up of single items if they are within 10 miles. They have been open and running since 2004 so they have been around for a while which is a sign of good business. If you don’t like those perks just know that they do set up furniture to save you that back agonizing work! So, they are great people to call and reputable. You can trust your stuff will be safe with them and they seem to be on time.

Watch Out for Extra Expenses.

Moving can bring up a lot of unforeseen costs. A lot of times when people find themselves moving they go out to eat a lot, which can, in turn, affect your budget. So, pack a small cooler with sandwiches and drinks from the grocery store. You will be glad that you did. The price it cost to eat out adds up really quick without realizing that it happened especially if you are feeding more than yourself.

A family of four can spend a hundred dollars just in one day eating at fast food restaurants. The value menu is not more affordable either. You end up paying for your meal just in an itemized sate when you buy off the value menu. So, beware of extra expenses such as these whenever you are in the middle of a move. You can find some tips on how to pack a cooler for a road trip, or in our case, a move, at

Another expense is gas. You can’t get out of this one. Just make sure you limit your trips back and forth. However, an extra trip at the end of your move to make sure you do a final walk-through of your old home is always a good and worth the extra gas price. Just be prepared and know that you will have to pay a little idea than expected in gas during the process of your move.

Tie Up Loose Ends

Don’t forget to put a change of address before you are all settled in. By law, you must put in a change of address within a certain amount of days. Places vary so make sure you put in a change of address according to the laws in your area.

Another important thing to do is to make sure you secure up your home. Your old home and your new one. You want to be safe in your new home so make sure you have new locks and all the windows close and lock properly. That keeps you safe and your belongings safe when you’re not home. As for your old home, you should make sure it is secure also. You would not want random people going into your old home and messing things up before a new tenant even has a chance of moving in. As a rule of thumb make sure that everything is secured up. You can find information on how to secure a home on Home Advisor’s website.


Make sure you map out the area you are moving to. Keep yourself safe and make you don’t miss anything in your last sweep through. A lot of things get a lost in a move, so make sure your final sweep is good. Go in confidence. If this is where you are supposed to be, hold your head high and embrace your move.