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What Are Fun Birthday Party Ideas?

What Are Fun Birthday Party Ideas?

Birthday parties can be so much fun! Who doesn’t love a great birthday party? However, it can difficult to come up with fun birthday party ideas. There are things that can be done for parties at home and then there are activities that can be done at certain businesses. Altitude Trampoline Park, which hosts birthday party in Woodbridge, has shared some great birthday party ideas for both.

Remember the Spoon Race?

For some fun games to play at home or at a park, consider the spoon relay. The spoon relay is when an egg or another small object is placed on the spoon, and players have to run to the finish line without dropping it. The winner gets the prize. You can mix this game up to your own liking and make it more or less intense depending on the age of the participants.

There are a lot of ways to spice up the spoon race game. There are some tips and ideas for the spoon relay at Very Well Family.

The Life-Size Board Game

Another fun birthday party idea is to set up a real-life size board game. With today’s internet, there are endless ideas for this birthday party game that can be full of laughter and fun surprises. You can make the spaces with pieces of cardboard boxes. The games can range from checkers, chess, or even a game that include large dice.

Bring on the Money

Let’s face it, everyone loves to get money on their birthday, so why not include money in the party game? To put this party idea together you will need money, of course, and some balloons. Someone with strong lungs to blow up the balloons is a plus too. This game is super fun, and everyone will have a good time doing it at any age.

Here is how to play:

  • Take some dollar bills and roll them up.
  • Slide the money into some of the balloons.
  • Blow up the balloons and then place them in a designated area.
  • Have the participants roll dice to take a turn choosing a balloon to pop.

It is fun seeing everyone pop the balloons in anticipation of what amount of money they have won.

Visit a Trampoline Park

One of the most fun places to go for a birthday party is a trampoline park. Plus, it can burn off a lot of energy. Trampoline parks allow you to be safely secured to harness and jump really high into the sky on a trampoline. You jump at your own pace. Trampoline parks are a lot different than just jumping on a trampoline. They really are a thrill and make an excellent birthday party idea.

Settle In with a Slumber Party

A great birthday idea is to have a slumber party. This allows you to settle in for the night and kick it with some of your best friends. Pizza can be ordered and if you live close to a delivery zone it can be delivered, and movies can be lined up for the entire night. For girls, a manicure can be set in motion. Video games can be a great slumber party option too.

This YouTube video has more information on slumber party ideas.

Visit the Arcade

A lot of times arcades will have a snack bar where you can order drinks and pizza as well and other snack items. The good thing about throwing a party at an arcade is that the mess will be no problem, there are tons of games, and it is an outing that makes the birthday complete with food and drinks.

Plan a Pool Party

Do you have access to a pool? If you or a family member has a pool, then a pool party would be a great idea. Pool parties are really easy to plan and the focus of the party will be either swimming or lounging around the pool. Pizza with pineapple and ham can give the party an island theme.

Have a Dinner Out

Take the birthday person out to their favorite restaurant. This can be a surprise or something that they know is planned. If the birthday person does not have a favorite place, then take them somewhere that serves their favorite food. Something family oriented is the best because you can have a cake brought and the waiters or waitresses can sing happy birthday.

Don’t Forget the Cake

The most important part of the party is the cake. So wherever the party takes place, make sure there is cake. Just note that not all places will allow candles to be lit. All in all, if there is cake, there is a party.