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What is A Teepee Party?

What is A Teepee Party?

Is your child’s birthday coming up soon and you want to throw them the best birthday party ever?

It’s every child’s dream to host the most amazing birthday party of the year. They all want to wow their friends and to be known for the best birthday bash.

The issue with birthday parties is that it’s difficult to find an original idea that hasn’t been done over and over again. Parties like bowling, cinema, or having a sleepover have been overdone many times.

That’s why we recommend having a teepee party, it’ll bring all their dreams true. But before we get carried away, what is a teepee party?

In a quick description, a teepee party can be how you make it. It could be a sleepover, a movie night, anything you want, explains Tiny Teepees. They are one of the best event companies around if you’re looking to plan a teepee party in Sydney. However, the idea of a teepee party is that you set up sleeping cots underneath the teepees and design both the teepees and the surrounding area to a theme of your choice.

How Can You Create Your Own Teepee Party?

Step One: Teepee Tents

Firstly, you will need to have some teepee tents set up. You can either buy them or you could make your own if you’re willing to a bit of DIY. All you need is some wooden dowels, screws and some material. has a great tutorial on how you can make them from scratch.

If you would rather purchase them, Amazon stock many different types of tents at a range of prices. My personal favorite which I think would be perfect to host your own magical party is the TazzToys Kids Teepee Tent.

It is made out of white material, the perfect color if you are looking to decorate it for a specific theme and it even has a little window which completely adds to the look.

Step Two: Mattresses

Add a mattress under the teepee tent. Ideally, you will want a thin mattress, I recommend using a cot mattress as they are the perfect size to fit under the teepee.

Step Three: Decorations

This is where you will need to pick the specific theme you are looking to do. Once you’ve picked one you can decorate the teepee however you want so it fits perfectly with the theme.

Some great ideas to make it look even better could be by adding fairy lights, fake plants/flowers, blankets, cushions, balloons, etc.

Step Four: Entertainment

You’ve got the perfect set up, but to make it even better you want to have the perfect entertainment. You could do:

  • Face Masks
  • A Movie Selection
  • Photo Booth
  • Nail Painting

Anything you fancy that will entertain your party guests.

Step Five: Food

Party food! Everyone loves good party food. Make sure to have a selection of your child’s and their friend’s favorite snacks, this means that everyone has something they will love. You could even order a variety of pizzas!

Why Should I Throw a Teepee Party?

What’s great about a teepee party is that it’s a unique experience, it’s often that children have sleepovers or discos for their birthday, but to be able to sleep in a teepee and have it completely themed to what they want is irreplaceable. It’s special and makes lasting memories for your child and their friends.

It’s also a great compromise if your child wanted something like a camping party because it is camping but indoors.

If you don’t have the room or the right weather to pitch a tent in your garden, then having a teepee party is a brilliant replacement. It’s easy to set up, you know the children are safe indoors and are warm.

What Theme Can You Do for A Teepee Party?

You can have any theme you want, some popular themes that have been done by other people are unicorn, marvel, Harry Potter, and a lot of popular movies that children are attracted too.

If your child has an obsession with fairies, you could design your teepee party to have a fairy theme by using flowers, fairy lights, glitter, etc. There is no limitation to what you can do. It is unlimited and completely down to what you want.

If you don’t have an idea of what theme you would like to do, check out they have a list of 15 awesome teepee tent ideas.

What Age Group Is a Teepee Party Aimed at?

You can have a teepee party at any age, even if you are an adult (Trust me I want a teepee party, I mean who doesn’t when they look so cute and chilled). There isn’t an age limitation. You want your child to be old enough to be able to have sleepovers at least.

What Gender Is a Teepee Party Aimed at?

Teepee parties are not aimed at any gender in particular if your child is a girl or a boy they can both have a teepee party. You can pick a theme to suit either gender.