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What Is A Gutter Guard?

What Is A Gutter Guard

Do you clean out your gutters regularly? If you do then you know that it is not a fun job at all. There can be a lot of rotting leaves in the gutters that need to be cleaned out. Over time this debris can mess up the gutters.

Let’s go over some easy ways to keep your clean without the strenuous task of removing all the yuck!

What Does A Gutter Guard Do?

Roof Knight, who offers top notch gutter guard services, tells us that gutter guards do exactly what they sound like they do. They guard your gutter. Yes, from an attack of debris and dirt. You see leaves fall onto your roof and make their way to your gutter when it rains or the wind blows. A gutter guard allows the rain water to go through while blocking the debris from entering the gutter.

What Does A Gutter Guard Look Like?

This is a great question, but it cannot be answered with one answer. The reason is that there are several different kinds of gutter guards that you can purchase. Depending on your budget and what type of gutter guard you want will determine what it looks like and the material that it is made out of.

Please note that gutter guards are not visible or an eyesore. They are normally made to fit right along the top of the gutter. If you do purchase a visible gutter guard it will appear to simply just be a part of your gutter. It will blend in nicely. So, you will be unsightly.

Want To Know More About The Different Kinds Of Gutter Guards?

Well, as stated above there are several different kinds of gutter guards. All of them serve the same purpose though. To let water in and keep debris like rotting leaves, sticks, and much more, out of the gutter. Let’s go over the different kinds of gutter guards to better show the difference and likeness of each.

Screen Gutter Guards

One of the most common types of gutter guards used is screen gutter guards. They are super affordable and can be installed in no time. They are made of a metal material and have several holes on them. They lay on top of the gutter right on the inside. They are effective in keeping the majority of debris out of your gutter.

Note: You still have to remove the screen at least once a year. This is because leaves and other debris may still be able to slip through the screen. It does keep your gutter flowing freely for a year though.

Foam Gutter Guards.

Foam gutter guards are really simple to install. You do not have to do much except push the foam down into the gutter. The foam gutter guard keeps all the leaves and sticks and other debris out of your gutter. It is very efficient in doing so. It consists of a type of foam. The only downside to the foam is that plants or weeds will sometimes want to grow in them. Your gutter will be clean though.

You can see what people are saying about foam gutter guards at

Micro Mesh Gutter Guards

A lot of people recommend using micro mesh gutter guards. It is basically a  piece of micro mesh that has tiny holes in it. It keeps small sticks or broken down leaves out of the gutter. It seems to be really effective in keeping the gutter free of those things. The great thing about micro mesh is there is no need to clean your gutters. They require zero maintenance.

You can find more information on micro mesh gutter guards and how they are used at

Brush Gutter Guards.

These look exactly like they sound. A brush gutter guard is basically a brush made of plastic little bristles. The brush is placed inside the gutter and when it rains and the water flows to the gutter bringing along sticks, leaves or whatever else decides to come along for the ride, they are all grabbed by the brush.

When the brush grabs the leaves and sticks they kept from going into your gutter allowing for water flow. You will still need to clean these out on a yearly basis at minimum.

Should You Use  A Gutter Guard?

A gutter guard prolongs the life of your gutter. Yes, the gutter with most gutter guards will still need to be cleaned. The difference is the gutter is kept free from the majority of debris that comes along. This keeps that rainwater flowing without getting backed up and causing a mess.

Did you know that water flow along the side of your home can cause problems with the foundation? Gutters are important, make sure yours are working properly.

Before You Go!

Hopefully, you found this information useful. For more information on gutter guards please check out this youtube video.