Rockhill City Guide Around The House Why is My Double Pane Window Foggy?

Why is My Double Pane Window Foggy?

Why is My Double Pane Window Foggy?

You work hard to keep the windows as clean and easy to use as possible. You like how they improve the appearance of the home and allow you a way to look out in the world and enjoy the sights outside the window.

On occasion, you may notice that the window appears to be foggy and hard to see out of. But what is the cause of your windows getting foggy like this?

Condensation is the main reason your windows are foggy, explains Sarasota Home Windows. They handle home window replacement in Sarasota. This fog will appear when condensation forms on the interior glass of the home or when it shows up right between the glass panels.

The water vapor from the warmer air will start to condense when it hits the cool surface of the glass and this results in water droplets or fog. The best way to avoid this is to prevent condensation from happening in the first place. 

Let’s take a closer look at how condensation will get on the windows in the first place along with some of the ways you can keep your windows clear of fog so they always look amazing. 

What Causes Windows to Get Foggy?

As we mentioned above, foggy windows are caused due to condensation on the windows. There are several reasons why condensation will appear on your windows. Most of these are natural and will not last a long time, though a few may require immediate action if they happen all the time.

Some of the most common reasons that condensation gets on the windows and causes them to get foggy include:

Indoor humidity

Humidity is simply the water vapor that is present in the air and it can be found outside and inside. This moisture in the home can come from your own heating system, plants, or a humidifier if you use them.

Even some of the cleaning activities that you do around the home, such as taking a bath, doing laundry, and cooking, may add some more moisture to the air. When there is more moisture in the home, this results in higher levels of humidity. This can then result in condensation and foggy windows at the same time. 

A Sudden Change in Temperature

You should notice that foggy windows are more likely to happen during the morning. This occurs because the lower temperature at night is going to cool down the glass of the window.

When the temperature inside your home is warmer, you can see visible moisture on the glass. This is usually a temporary problem and when the temperatures outside get a bit warmer, the windows will start to clear. 

Change in the Climate

Condensation is more likely to show up on the windows in the fall because there will be a quick decrease in the temperature compared to the summer.

As you notice the weather getting colder, the temperature of the glass on the windows will go down too, causing some more condensation. Since you are likely using a heating system in your home during this time, the situation is more common with colder windows versus the warmth in your home. 

Window Type

Some windows are going to be more prone to these problems with condensation compared to other types. Some that seem to get the condensation more than others include bow or bay windows.

The reason for this is because the air circulation around these recessed windows is more restricted, which will cause them to deal with temperatures that are cooler than before. However, this condensation problem is something that can happen with each type of window, so it should not surprise you to see this happen. 

Faulty Sealant

Sometimes the fog that you see on the windows just will not disappear and clear out, even when you spend time wiping it down from the outside and the inside. The reason for this is because the fag is happening between the panes when you have a double or triple glazed window.

The air and condensation are getting inside there and causing some of the problems because there is a leak in the sealant between the glass and the window frame. The gap is big enough that it is allowing some space between the panes of glass, which makes it easier for the windows to get fogged up. 

Keeping the Condensation Clear

For the most part, this condensation is not going to be a big deal. You can wait for the temperature to even itself out or you can just wipe it away and the problem is solved.

If the problem is a faulty sealant or something similar, you may be able to run to the hardware store to get it fixed. With a little work, you can keep the windows clear from the fog so you can enjoy how beautiful they make the whole home.