Rockhill City Guide Around The House Can Snaking a Drain Damage Pipes?

Can Snaking a Drain Damage Pipes?

Can Snaking a Drain Damage Pipes?

When you get a clog in your pipes, one of the methods that may seem the easiest to take care of this issue is a snake through the drains. It is straightforward to use and can effectively get rid of the clog in the pipes. But could the snake cause damage to your drain pipes?

According to Princeton Plumbing Pros, it is possible for a drain snake to cause damage to the sewer lines. The company is a well-respected plumber in Princeton, NJ. If you have an older home that still relies on galvanized pipes, they are at risk when the drain snake is flopping around inside of them. This can cause some scrapes to the side that are difficult to work with. This does tend to cause less damage in newer pipes, but could still cause some scraping. The force of the snake on the pipes and how often it is used will make a difference.

When you rarely use the snake on the pipes, the damage is not going to be a big deal. If you frequently have clogs in the pipes and the snake needs to be used often, then this is a sign that your pipes may need some more work. Only use the snake when necessary. Let’s take a closer look at how snaking can affect your pipes and when you should use them.

Will the Drain Snake Cause Damage?

It is possible that the snake is going to cause damage to your system. This will happen when the snake is used too often within the pipes and when it is used improperly. This damage is also more likely to happen when you are dealing with older plumbing that could get scratched up and ruined in the process.

For the most part, using the snake on occasion is not going to be a bad thing. It can help you to get out clogs, which will often cause more damage than the snake. And since more homes have updated their plumbing, you have less of a risk of scratching and damaging the piping. As long as you are careful with the way that you use the snake and do not bring it out too often, you will be fine with this tool.

Why Should I Use a Drain Snake?

While you do need to be careful about using the plumber’s snake, there are a few benefits to utilizing this tool to keep things safe. Some of the reasons homeowners like to use this include:

  1. A snake is easy to find: Getting one of these drain snakes is simple. Visit your nearest home improvement or hardware store and make a purchase. Sometimes you can get these online if that is easier.
  2. Affordable: Although large drain snakes and ones that are powered can get expensive, most of the basic snakes that you would use in your own home are inexpensive so you can have one around.
  3. Simple to use: You will be able to use the snake without having to have lots of professional experience to get it done. Often you can just use the instructions on the packaging to get it to work.
  4. Effective: As long as the clog is not too complex or too big, you will be able to get it out using this simple tool.

The drain snake is one of the best tools that you will be able to utilize around your home and can keep some of those clogs out of the way when you have them in the sink or toilet. Keeping one around your home will be a great way to keep your pipes clear.

How to Use the Drain Snake the Right Way

To make sure that you are not causing damage to the pipes, you will need to use your drain snake well. Begin by adding the cable for the snake into the drain and then turn the handle going clockwise as you push. If you have problems pushing, then use both hands to hold onto the handle.

While you are lowering the snake down, later the grip until it is about two to three inches from the mouth of the drain. This is going to give you more control of the type of motion that you use and can tell you more about the clog. When you get to the obstacle, you are able to hook it and pull it out. Hopefully, it will come right out for you.

The best way to make sure that you are able to remove the clog without causing more damage to your pipes is with the help of a professional plumber.

They will have the right tools available to help take care of the pipes and prevent any issues along the way. They can also do the work without causing damage to the piping. When you are ready to get the clog out without causing damage, a professional plumber is the best option.