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Locksmiths and Sentry Safes

Locksmiths and Sentry Safes

Everyone can be a little forgetful sometimes, it’s just human nature. At times these forgetful streaks can get you into some trouble. It’s sad to say but my local locksmith has gotten me out of some sticky situations, either from being locked out of my car or my house.

There aren’t a lot of feelings worse than being locked out of something that you need to get into, explains Diamondback Lock and Key, a seasoned locksmith near me in Scottsdale, Arizona. And it seems to happen at the most opportune times.

Sentry Safes

Sentry safes are one of the best pieces of equipment to ensure that your valuables are secure. These are the most manufactured safes in North America. Sentry safes are also the most popular safe in Canada.

The reason for that is that there is so much variety. According to Sentry safes, buying a safe can be a daunting task. In lieu of that their site breaks down their safes into many categories like:

  • Fire resistance
  • Explosion resistant
  • Impact-resistant
  • Waterproof

They also come with all types of keypads and locking mechanisms.


The locksmith profession has been around since ancient times. It is one of the oldest professions around. As long as there have been locks for people to use and keys that fit them, there have been people who specialize in working with them.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I believe there is a misconception about locksmiths, and I want to address that right now. A locksmith’s job is not to just unlock safes and pick locks. Professional locksmiths are skilled tradesman, it is truly a craft, similar to an artisan.

These men and women work to install, adjust and repair commercial, residential and automotive locks, and security devices. Locksmiths fabricate and duplicate locking keys, change lock combinations, and bypass locks when authorized.

If you have ever taken the time or were just curious about how to pick a lock on YouTube, you would see that these people have great dexterity and attention to detail. Their skill and knowledge in installing and repairing conventional security hardware and lock-sets have them working in residential, commercial and industrial establishments that require varying levels of physical security to protect them from unauthorized entry.

According to MrLockSmith, there are various things that locksmiths do.

Types of Locksmith Jobs

  • Cut Keys – Locksmiths can cut keys, which essentially means making a copy of keys, for locks in residential and commercial buildings, vehicles, safes, windows, etc.
  • Provide Locks for Windows and Doors – Locksmiths are able to provide, service, and repair window and door locks, two of the most common types of locks for residential and commercial use.
  • Provide Locks for Security Safes – Not as common as the door lock, security safe locks are a type of lock that locksmiths specialize in – they are able to supply, install, open, and repair all types of vaults and security safes.
  • Provide an Auto Locksmith Service – Many locksmiths are able to provide an auto locksmithing service to their clients where people are given access to opening their car door if they’ve locked keys in their vehicle. Locksmiths can also program or reprogram remote keys and transponder keys, repair car key fobs, or provide a new key for the vehicle.
  • Provide Access Control Systems – There are some locksmiths that are able to supply and install electronic access control systems for their clients, however, this is a specialty that not all locksmiths offer.
  • Provide 24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Services – There are many locksmiths that provide after hour services if individuals have lost their keys, are locked out, or need locks replaced or changed.

Locksmith Duties and Responsibilities

  • Market security lock systems, keyless entry locks, key control systems, window bars and heavy window or door deadbolts
  • Repair or replace damaged components of entrance and exit doors
  • Repair and replace damaged door and window locks, hinges and electric locking release mechanisms
  • Examine locking mechanisms and fabricate keys to replace lost or damaged keys
  • Assist clients in unlocking doors when keys are lost or in changing lock combinations by inserting new pins into locksets
  • Design and develop master key systems for banks, power plants, manufacturing plants, warehouses, and apartment complexes
  • Install and repair electric strikes and electronic security hardware
  • Change lock combinations on safe and vault doors
  • Create keys from code
  • Duplicate keys for residences, shops, department stores and warehouse as a commercial service
  • Open safes when the combination is unknown and change combinations and make repairs to safe locks when necessary

When a locksmith installs locks in a building, he or she usually becomes that building’s default locksmith, because of his or her presumed familiarity with the building’s locks. Some locksmiths retain extra key sets, by request, to gain quick entry when needed.

They also keep records of the types of locks used in a building, replacement or repair work undertaken, and any other relevant information, such as connection with a security system that demands that a code be entered when a door is unlocked.

Locksmith VS Sentry Safe

Again, locksmiths are experts in their craft. So, to make the answer short, yes, locksmiths are able to unlock Sentry Safes. But the prices of each type of safe can vary because of the difficulty in opening them.

Sentry safes, like anything, come in all types of shapes and sizes with different security features and locks. For example, according to UnlockItForMe, some safes have the Tubular/Ace lock, which can be difficult to unlock. But automotive locksmiths have a special 7 pin Tubular Lock Pick that unlocks it with minimal damage.

This is an analog lock and pin model. With electronic models, replacing the battery and re-entering the lock combination would be enough to open the lock.

It really all comes down to the type of lock for the safe that you have. But, more often than not, locksmiths have the knowledge and skill to open just about any type of lock they have on the market.