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How Many Photos Should A Wedding Photographer Give You?

how many photos should a wedding photographer give you

So, the big day is soon around the corner. You have everything ready to go if not, no worries. It takes a lot to plan a wedding. The last thing you want is to invest money into something and later find that you got snipped. Today let’s talk about wedding photos. How many should you get?

All Photographers Are Different.

That sounds like a blatant statement, but it is true. Not all photographers will take the same amount of photos. You want someone who really likes the art of taking pictures. Someone who likes to capture the moment. A lot of your photos can be put on a disc. Let’s go over everything that a wedding photographer should do.

What Should A Wedding Photographer Do?

A good wedding photographer is key here. You will want plenty of pictures of your wedding day, but not of bad quality. No. You want great quality pictures. Ones that you will want to hang on the wall, look back 50 years and think of how beautiful it all was on that special day. This is more than just capturing an event, it is capturing a memory.

Here is a lost of the things that a great wedding photographer will do:

  • Meet with his or her clients.
  • Set up a great scene.
  • Survey where to take the best photo shots.
  • Be skilled at what he or she does.
  • Edit the photos.
  • Place them on a disc and turn them into a slideshow with music from your wedding.

You can find more information on wedding photography at They have info how to even become a wedding photographer, so you know that they will have the basic information there.

How Much Do Wedding Photographers Cost?

A wedding photographer will charge based on different packages. Now editing can take some time and that is where the work comes in along with setting the stage for a great picture. A good wedding photographer can cost up to $3,000. I know it sounds like a lot to snap a photo, but it is kind of a “ get what you pay for” thing. The price can go up from there. The higher end is up to $10,000.

How Much Of The Wedding Will A Photographer Cover?

A wedding does not usually last more than 8 hours. The great news is that a photographer for weddings usually will capture up to 8 hours worth of work. So, the charge is usually set for that time frame. It can cost more if you are looking to have the wedding photographer around for more time than that.

How Many Photos Does That Make?

According to River and Me Wedding Co, a Gold Coast wedding photographer, the average amount of photos can be around 1500. Now, just because that is the average does not mean that your particular photographer will give out that many photos. Often times there is a contract that will be signed. You should always ask the photographer you plan to hire how many photos they will be giving you.

How To Save Money.

There is a lot of fraudulent activity out in the world today. Your best bet is going with a photographer that you know or trust. A lot of photographers will have portfolios that you can check out. There are several ways to protect yourself from being charged way too much. Let’s go over some simple tips.

Some Simple Tips To Save Money On A Wedding Photographer:

  • Decided on the package that you want before you purchase.- Some photographers will try to upsell you. This is selling you more than what you want or need. Decide on how many photos you want then look for a package deal accordingly.
  • Just because it is written on their paper does not mean it is set in stone. You can negotiate terms before you sign or buy anything. Don’t be afraid to negotiate.
  • Ask questions. This is your big day and your money. Do not hesitate to ask questions. By doing so you will know exactly what you are getting. This will make you content and pleased, in the end, knowing you knew what you were getting into.
  • Hire someone in town. The best way to ensure a good photographer is to go local. No one wants a bad rep in their own town. They want to build clients. They get out by word of mouth too. Going local can save a ton of money and help your community too.


I hope that you found all the information that you were looking for when it comes to finding that special photographer for your wedding day. May you know exactly what you want and be given a fair deal. You can check out this youtube video for more information.