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What To Look Out For: Electrical Problems In Old Homes

Electrical Problems In Old Homes

Old homes have a certain touch to them. They also hold a great value. An old home is certainly a jewel to have. However, there may be electrical issues that may not be noticeable off hand. Below are some things that you should definitely look out for. It is better to catch an electrical problem as soon as possible. 

Not Enough Power?

Theedam Electrics, an electrician in London, tells us if the old home you are in is having power surges then you may have some electrical issues. This can be fixed with some simple upgrades. The reason the power goes in and out is that today’s society there is a lot more use of electronics. Homes were not wired for the electricity that we use today.

Some signs of insubstantial delivery of power will be your lights going dim at random times.

Are All Your Outlets Working?

Sometimes you may encounter an outlet that is dead or non-working. This is sure sign that you have an electrical problem. You should always reset your breakers before deciding that one is non-working. This is because sometimes it may be due to a tripped breaker. If that does not fix the outlet then you should call a professional.

Never attempt to resolve this issue on your own. It is very dangerous and should be fixed by a professional electrician.

Do You See Any Old Wires?

There are several reasons why old wires are definitely something that should be replaced in an old home. In the early 1900’s wires were coated much differently than today. They were often protected by metal or canvas cloth material. If any of the installations become disrupted you can be in for serious trouble or even at risk for fire. Check out the signs below.

Signs that you have old wires that need to be replaced are:

  • The wires are covered in a metal casing.
  • The wires are beginning or are frayed.
  • The wires are covered with a canvas fabric.

Here are some things that you should cause alarm:

  • Torn, damaged or missing installation.
  • Exposed wires.
  • Scorch marks on outlets or switches.

Note: You can find more information on what an old wire looks like at

Did You Know Old Wires Can Become Brittle?

The wires in an old home can become so worn out that they can begin to flake. Consider that even mice could have gotten in the walls of that old home an even chewed some of the wires. It is important to inspect the wires with the power off. Have a professional come in and take a look at the wires themselves.

You can save yourself from a deadly electrical fire by having them checked out.

Old Fuse Boxes.

You should certainly look out for old fuse boxes in your old home. Just as stated above, older homes had fuse boxes that were used to power much less electronic devices. With the use of so many electronics, your fuse box may not be able to stand up to the challenge.

An older home does not have the amount of power that it takes to power everything in a home that is modern. You will need to upgrade your fuse box.

The Amps Used.

Older homes used to have fuse boxes that would only put out 30 amps. That means that they only required two fuses. As time went on they put out 60 amps. That was with four fuses. Today we require much more amps than that. It is important that the home you are in is able to put out enough amps of power to provide the appropriate amount of electricity.

Please note that it is very important to get the fuse box inspected by a professional electrician. Electricity is great but can be extremely dangerous if not handled the right way. One wrong touch of a wire can cause death or serious injury. 

What Kind Of Panel Does The Old Home Have?

According to the panel, you may be in need of a serious upgrade! Zinsco panels were used in the 1970’s. However, they are very hard to find in use today. If you have a Zinsco panel then you should certainly have it inspected.

The FPE Panel

These were made in the 1950’2 to 1980’s. They short-circuit a lot and can cause some serious damage or injury. If you have an FPE panel then it needs to be replaced before being used.

These breakers have had trouble not tripping in the past.

You can read more information on why a breaker should trip at

Before You Go!

Hopefully, you are now well equipped with everything you need to know about old homes and their electrical problems. Not all old homes will have these issues.It is important to know the signs are. Check out this YouTube video for more info.