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Need Ideas for Small Bathroom Renovations?

ideas for small bathroom renovations

Are you planning to renovate your bathroom? I know this can be a challenging task when your bathroom is rather small but the ideas are endless. I asked local remodeling expert, Port Handyman, who regularly does bathroom renovations in Port Macquarie, to give us some do’s and don’ts when it comes to renovating a small bathroom. I hope this helps you get your renovation plan in motion.

Add More Bathroom Storage.

The most important thing, I believe, one can do when renovating a small bathroom is to add plenty of places to store things. As much as we would like to believe that we downsize, we all could use more storage space. This could not be truer when a smaller bathroom is involved.

What are some ways to save space, you ask?


  • Skirts for the sink.
    These hide unsightly cleaning products and add more of a home touch.
  • Wood Baskets.
    These add an elegant home look and provide a place for storage for a number of items to towels or cosmetic supplies.


  • Jam clothes or towels onto shelving. This only adds a more cluttered look.
  • Different colors are ok but coordinate them. You don’t want your bathroom looking like a crayon box.

Add Color To Your Small Bathroom

You do not want a variety of colors in your bathroom. Let us try to avoid looking like a crayon box. Too much color can make you feel cluttered. So, let us find an even ground. There are a couple ways to add a splash of color without even painting.

What are some ways to add color to a bathroom without painting and overdoing it?


  • Pick a color for your background and stick to it. Whatever you have decided on the bathroom wall paint, that will be your base. From there, you will work off it.
  • You want to add things that may have a splash of the walls paint base color.
  • You can paint your mirror to clash with all other colors making it pop out at you.
  • Towels, robes, and soaps can all be a specific color that is different from the wall paint, maybe even match your mirror accent paint. This will add a spacious and a home stylish touch to your small bathroom.


  • Pick several different colors of towels and toss them in your small bathroom. This will add clutter.
  • Try not to pick a large clash of colors. This can make the largest bathrooms feel closed in.

You can check out for more information on how to color your bathroom up with paint and other ideas.

Glass Can Be Tricky

Another way to add a more spacious look to your bathroom is to add glass. Instead of a shower curtain, you can have a glass shower door. This can create an illusion that your bathroom is larger than what it may seem to be. Be sure to look into all remodeling options available before deciding on one. Your bathrooms dimension may prohibit certain designs.

What are some ways to use glass?


  • Always make measure before you pick a design plan.
  • Glass is the way to go for a more spacious look but make sure you have the right amount of space for opening the glass door or opt for sliding glass.
  • Be careful not to crack the glass when installing. Professionals are always great to have.


  • Try to install on your own or without help. This can cause damage to you or the glass.
  • Do not use glass as a substitute for a cabinet. This just exposes all your cosmetics and things that do not offer a sightly bathroom.

You can look into the do’s and don’ts of shower construction at They have a complete list of things to consider when performing construction on your shower.

Time To Organize The Counter Top.

This can be a bit tricky to do but, if you take into account our first tip, you can use some of the storage ideas to get that countertop cleaned and ready to shine. Having a cluttered countertop can make an entire bathroom look small, even larger bathrooms.

What are some simple ways to declutter a small bathroom?


  • Make use of extra shelving.
  • Tuck loose items away in a drawer.
  • Trash it. If you don’t use and don’t need it, trash it.
  • Jars add a nice touch and can hold some smaller items.


  • Keep things that you have not used for a long time.
  • Never store your medications in a guest bathroom. Keep all medicine up high and locked away. Never let a small child see where the medicine is kept.
  • Use harsh chemicals that can scratch the sink when cleaning the countertop.

You can find more tips and tricks on how to organize your countertop with limited space at

Here Are Some Last Thoughts and Tips.

There are endless ideas for renovating your small bathroom. You can check out this great small bathroom idea guide on Decor Snob for more information. I hope that all this information helps.