Rockhill City Guide Around The House How Many Years Does a Slate Roof Last?

How Many Years Does a Slate Roof Last?

How Many Years Does a Slate Roof Last

When you’re getting a new roof, you have a few options. It’s best to weigh those options to ensure you get the right type of roof for your needs. Longevity is an important factor in this decision. One kind of roof you might choose is a slate roof. Roofing Repairs Manchester, which does roofing in Manchester, has shared some information to help you learn how long a slate roof lasts and determine if it’s a good choice for your roof.

What Is a Slate Roof?

Slate shingles are made from slate. Slate is a fine-grained rock that has many uses. One of these includes shingles for roofing.

There are two main types of slate roof tiles. The first one is natural slate roof tiles. These tiles are made of the natural stone. Natural slate roof tiles last from 75 to 200 years.

The second type of slate roof tiles is artificial slates. These are made with fiber cement. One major drawback of artificial slates is that they only last 25 to 35 years. They are much less durable than natural slate roof tiles.

What Problems Can Occur with Slate Roofing?

One of the biggest problems with slate roofing occurs if it’s installed improperly. Slate shingles are heavy. Proper support needs to be added to the roof to prevent damage. Without the right support, damage can be done to your roof.

When you’re hiring a roofer for slate roofing, make sure they know what they’re doing. As long as the support is correctly done, you shouldn’t have any problems with slate roofing.

How to Keep a Slate Roof in Good Condition

If you want your slate roof to last the full 75 to 200 years, you’ll need to keep up with maintenance. When a few of the slates are damaged, you need to have them replaced quickly. This will prevent further damage. Any leaks should be resolved as soon as possible to prevent bigger issues.

If you don’t replace the slates soon enough, you could cause damage to the roof deck. Roof deck repairs are much more expensive than just replacing a few slate tiles.

Will a Slate Roof Need to be Replaced?

Because a slate roof can last 75 to 200 years, you likely won’t need to replace it. If you bought an older home with a slate roof, there is a chance you might need to replace it sometime down the road. It simply depends on when the roof was originally installed.

How Long Do Other Types of Roofs Last?

Slate roofs last longer than most other types of roofs. This is because of the material. Slate roofing is mold resistant and is fire resistant. It is also less susceptible to breaking in freezing temperatures. This is because it has a low level of water absorption.

Not all roofs are made to last as long as slate. Asphalt roofing is very popular, but it doesn’t last as long as slate roofing does. Asphalt roofing is more affordable, but it only lasts about 20 years.

How Much Does a Slate Roof Cost?

Slate roofs cost more than other types of roofs do upfront. According to Angie’s List, it costs $1,500 per square. A square is equal to 10 feet by 10 feet.

As you can see, this is pricey. After you have the roof installed, you will be paying less money though. Slate roofs need less maintenance and replacement. Due to the durability, you won’t actually be spending as much in the long run as you would with a different type of roof.

How to Find a Roofer for Slate Roofs

Many roofers will give you a choice as to the type of roof you have installed. Simply look for roofers in your area to see what they offer. You should ask your family and friends for referrals. You can also look for reviews online. Do as much research as possible before officially hiring a roofer. A roofer may have pictures of past jobs. They may be able to share customer testimonials too.

Remember that proper installation is key to a slate roof’s longevity, so you need to find a qualified roofer. Make sure that they have experience with slate roofs. Once you find a few decent roofers, get quotes and meet with the roofers. Find out as much information as possible from them


Slate roofing is a great choice if you’re looking for a roof that will last. Slate can hold up to natural wear and tear. It usually lasts from 75 to 200 years, so you may not need to replace it at all. It may cost more upfront, but you will save money over time with fewer repairs and replacements.