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Boho (Bohemian) Bedroom Ideas

boho (bohemian) bedroom ideas

Are you more of a free-spirited person? Well, if you are then you need a Boho decorative look to your bedroom. Everyone needs a room that fits them. Decorate yours with these tips below to fit your gypsy style. Be free. Be yourself. And definitely look yourself with these great bedroom decoration ideas.

Keeping It Green!

We all know that the Bohemian look has a lot of plants. Partners In Design, interior designers in Sherborne, advises when decorating your bedroom you will want to add a lot of greenery to the space. Any kind of plant will work well. Make sure that whatever plant you use has adequate light and shade.

Share The Light.

When decorating boho style you will need to create a mixture of lights. Not only natural sunlight great for decorative looks but so is artificial light. Below are some sources of light that you can mix up for the boho decorative theme.

Boho Decorative Light Sources:

  • Stand Alone Lamps. – Some dim lamps in the corner of rooms add a great touch.
  • Shaded Lamps. – These style of lamps are great for swapping out the shades. You will never get bored with the endless amount of lamp shades to choose from. These add a great touch to the boho decorative look. Not only are the relaxing but they smell great too! They are very inexpensive for the most part!

Note: If you cannot watch the candle or have to leave always put it out. There are candles that are battery powered that emit a smell. Those are a great alternative to wax candles that required fire. They seem much safer too.

Time To Rest!

Well, we all know that every bedroom needs a comfortable place to rest. Of course, we want it to look cute and fit our style. According to what kind of bedding set you have you may already have a boho look. Do note that going all out is never a thing when it comes to boho bedding.

Here are some boho bedding decoration ideas:

  • Pillows! Sounds common because everyone needs a pillow, but the more the better. Place a lot of throw pillows onto the bed. Any color will work as long as you steer clear of neons.
  • Use throw blankets to add more of a touch. Quilts add a lovely look. Remember the more fluffy the bed with a crazy arrangement of colors, the better a boho look.
  • You do not have to cover up with them all. You can have them there for looks. Simply lay on top of the extra bedding or remove it.

Note: You can find more information on boho decorative bedding ideas at

boho bedroom ideas
boho bedroom ideas

It Is Wall Time.

When it comes to a real good boho decorative theme you will need to cover up those bare walls. Paint will not do the trick even though it may help a little. You will need some real decoration in this area. Below are some tips.

Wall Decorations For The Boho Style:

  • Paintings: Any painting that you really like. Hang it up. Even if the painting does not go together with the others. This is all about the boho style. Feel free to hang what you like.
  • Fabric: A boho style decoration has to include hanging fabric. This could be a throw or quilt that you like. Be sure to decorate the wall with fabric for that boho touch.
  • Etchings: Any kind of etched work that you come across and like will add a wonderful touch.

Leave No Corner Bare.

Do you have any old footstools? You can place them in corners around the room. Maybe place a book and throw blanket on top of them. This makes for a great boho style. Plus it is super cozy.

Tip: You can place them in the same corners as the standing lamps.

What About The Ceiling?

When creating a boho decorative theme for your bedroom you will want to add some decoration. The ceiling may go overlooked but when decorated with a colorful textile sheet you see the change.

Wondering Where To Put Your Books?

If you have a large collection of books you can put them to use. A simple bookshelf can add a great touch to any room. You don’t have a bookshelf? Well, stack the books in staggered ways on those stools or even on top of a trunk. This adds a great touch to the decoration style you are looking for!

For more information on how to decorate with books check out

Before You Leave!

Remember that no matter how you decorate leave it the way you want it. This is your style and you should feel comfortable with all the decorations. If you are interested in some more tips on decorating boho style then check out this YouTube video or this post at Decor Snob.