Rockhill City Guide Around The House How to Get Your Locks Changed

How to Get Your Locks Changed

How to Get Your Locks Changed

Moving into a new place can be exciting and fun, but it is important to make sure the locks have been changed. Do you need to change the locks in your home due to losing the keys? How about feeling as though locks need to be changed due to a recent eviction of a roommate? Whatever the reason, it is good to change the locks in certain cases. Auto Locksmiths, which does car key replacement in Dublin, has detailed some of the things to consider when changing your locks.

Decide Which Locks You Prefer

Locks come in different colors. While this is a small decision, a lock that matches the door knob is definitely recommended to provide a nice look. However, it is not necessary to the security. Once the color is picked, decide on whether a full lock set should be done. A full set will include a dead bolt and a door knob that comes with a built-in lock.

It is recommended that both bottom and top locks be replaced on all doors to a home. This allows you to use one key in all locks and ensures the best security measures.

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Consider What Kind of Set Works Best

There are different door lock sets to choose from. While some include only a dead bolt lock, others will include both the door knob with a lock and the dead bolt. Consider purchasing a full set. Also, if both the front and back doors need to be done, a set can be bought with both door knob locks and deadbolts for multiple doors in one complete set. Several sets can be bought as one. This allows for easy use.

Also, buying in a multiple set will usually cost much less depending on the manufacturer. A discount is definitely possible when purchasing locks in a large bundle.

Start with the Door Knob

When replacing a set of locks, it is important to start with the door knob, so that the door will be able to be opened and closed when installing the deadbolt. A screwdriver will often be needed when replacing a door knob. Sometimes a paper clip will be needed if there are not any screws on the door knob to release the door knob. Below is how to replace a door knob lock.

  • Unscrew or use the paper clip to remove the door knob lock.
  • Once the door knob lock is completely unscrewed, remove it from the door by pulling on each side of the door knob with the door open.
  • Take the new lock and insert it into the hole in the door.
  • After it is screwed in place, do a quick check by opening and closing the door.
  • If all is working properly the new door knob with the lock has now been installed.

There is a side plate that can be replaced if you wish to do so. If not, the inside function of the lock can be maneuvered so that it pops through the side plate that is already there. However, it does not hurt to replace the side plate.

Better Homes & Gardens has more information on how to replace a door knob with a lock.

How to Replace a Deadbolt Lock

The dead bolt lock is fairly simple as well. Take a screwdriver and unscrew the deadbolt. Once all the screws are removed, unlock the deadbolt and remove it from the door. After doing so, install the new deadbolt. To install a brand new deadbolt, see the steps below for proper installation.

  • Make sure that the new deadbolt is properly lined up with the hole so the lock can move in and out. This is important to do before screwing the deadbolt in place.
  • Place the deadbolt in the hole and lock the door.
  • After the above steps are done, use the screws supplied in the new deadbolt package and install the deadbolt in place.
  • Be sure to hold the back side of the deadbolt when placing the screws. This ensures a secure fit. If you do not do this, the deadbolt can become loose and ultimately fail or even fall out of the door when closing it.

It is important to make sure that the deadbolt does fit inside of the existing hole. This is more likely if the new lock is the same brand as the existing locks. However, if the new lock does not fit, some minor shaping to the lock holes may be necessary.

Where to Buy New Door Locks

Door locks can be found at many different stores and online. While it is easy to find them, the prices can vary.

For more information on door locks and how to replace them, check out this YouTube video.