Rockhill City Guide Latest,Travel What is a Minicab in London? (for the American Tourist)

What is a Minicab in London? (for the American Tourist)

what is a minicab in london

In London, you will need to know how to get around. Even though the people of London speak the same language as Americans, English, the meaning may be a bit different. When it comes to transportation, you will need to know what they mean by the term minicab. If you ask for a taxi, it may not mean the same.

What is a Minicab?

In London, the term “minicab” is basically a private car for hire. Sayers Cars, who you can call for a Minicab In Stratford, tells us it is where you get a ride in a car that has a personal driver. Very, similar to what Americans call “taxi”. The only difference is that these are private hires. There is more to a minicab than just that though.

Types of Private Hire Rides in London

If you choose to go for a ride in a minicab, you can bet that the price will be much cheaper than a ride in a black cab (We will go over the difference between the two in a moment). You can ride in a minicab for private hire or even a limo. Of course, the limo cost more than the standard minicab.

What is Difference in a Minicab and a Black Cab?

The black cabs are licensed cabs in London. They are the original taxi for London. The minicab is a private hire. They are both regulated by the London law. Both are licensed and reputable. The difference is that with a black cab you are getting the original taxi. Tourists usually ride in one just to say they did. It is a very common tradition.

How Do You Ride In a Minicab?

When it comes to renting a ride in a minicab in London, you cannot just call one off the street. London is a bit different than the American traditional way of hiring a cab. We can call one while in the streets. Not in London. If you want a minicab you must go to a booth and buy one or call and order a ride by phone.

Remember that only black cabs can be called in the streets. Any other ride, such as a minicab, must be booked. This is for safety purposes.

What Are Some Ways To Stay Safe When Getting A Ride in London?

There are some steps that you can take to try and remain safe while in London. I am not saying that London is unsafe, I am saying that there is crime everywhere. The best thing one can do to protect oneself in an unknown place is to get familiar and know some safety measures to take.

Here are some key safety features that I believe are helpful to keep in mind.

  • Never accept a ride from an unknown source.
  • Only black cabs can be hired off the street. They will have a yellow sign lit up if they are available. You cannot hire a minicab off the street. They have to be booked. Anyone in a vehicle other than a black cab is not legit. Avoid riding in vehicles as the such.
  • Only book a minicab from a legit source. Hotels will usually give their customers a list of legit minicab companies to call. It is good to stick to the list. This prevents any fraud or other safety risks.
  • Note that an unbooked minicab is illegal. Always book your minicab.

You can find more information at They have information on some safety tips, and other cabs such as minicabs, or black cabs that you can rent. You can find them at the link.

More Information About London and Minicabs.

There are a few more things to know about transportation in London. Did you know that you can rent a black cab in London and prebook it just like a minicab? As mentioned above, you do not have to book a black cab, but you can. Minicabs can only be booked. If you want to, though, you can book a black cab.

Did you know that you can rent vehicles that are wheelchair accessible? If you, or someone who is touring with you, want to ride in a minicab in London, you can rent a black cab that is wheelchair accessible.

You can find more information at for more information on minicabs and black cabs.

You can hire an uber in London. Yes, if you do not want a minicab or even a black cab, you can do it like you do at home, hire an uber. You can find an uber in the uber app. More information is available at available at

Some Last Thoughts Before You take a Ride.

There are several ways to get transportation in London. Minicabs are a great option. They are affordable and much less expensive than a black cab. Go all out. Hire a ride in both. It is your visit to London. Just stay safe and have fun.