Rockhill City Guide Family Newborn Photography Instructions For Parents (Tips and Tricks)

Newborn Photography Instructions For Parents (Tips and Tricks)

newborn photography instructions for parents

The sweetness of a newborn baby is a very precious. It is special to have some of those moments captured for memory sake. God knows they grow quickly.

With the help of Liverpool newborn photography guru, Renata Downey, we want to give up some instructions and tips on how to capture some of the best photos of your sweet newborn.

Price Of Newborn Photoshoot

If you are on the fence about taking the photos of your newborn yourself or hiring a professional, this may help you decided. No two budgets are the same, but a dollar is still a dollar.

A newborn photo shoot can cost up to $100 to $200 per hour. That can total up to $1,000 very quick! So, take that in mind. You may not have to do any work, but the cost does come in.

You can find more information at

Newborn Photo Props

If you are doing it yourself you will need some photo props that are suitable for a newborn. The best way to find photo props is to search “newborn photo props” in your search engine. Several websites will come up. The ideas are endless. A lot of the props you will find that you can actually make them yourself. I have some tips below.

Tips For Photo Props:

  • Search for ideas online.
  • Purchase photo props online for the best deals.
  • Keep your photo prop for future use or resell for money back in your pocket.

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Take Your Time.

It is so easy to get into a rush when trying to take your newborn’s photos. Plan for this to be a lengthy thing. Taking the photo in a rush will just not produce good quality. I know it can be hard especially when your little one is getting tired of the photo shoot too. Plan for a couple of shoots. That will make it more peaceful, less stressed, and you will have better pictures in the end.

Use Natural Light

Some of the best photos have been captured using natural light. With a newborn that can be tricky because their skin is so sensitive. Try placing your prop next to a window to allow for natural sunlight to come in and radiate on your child’s body. This is good for them under short amounts of time of course. So, healthy baby and better pictures.

What If Your Baby Starts To Cry?

So, you set everything up and are ready to take some shots. Wait. What is this? Your baby is crying. So, should you call it quits? No! You can still take some photos. You probably won’t even notice in the pictures very much. It is ok to allow your baby to cry a small amount during the photo shoot.

So, little tears no problem, but if they keep it up or seem more fussy than usual, you may want to revisit the shoot later.

Some Needed Help.

It is always good to have an extra hand when taking the pictures of your newborn. It can wear you out really quick by adjusting the props and running back and forth. That is always hard, especially for a new parent.

A helping hand is great. You don’t need one, but it helps to have one. Also, tons of pillows. Ok, maybe only a few. They help position the baby and give them a comfy place to lay while the pictures are being taken.

Use The Zoom.

If you have a good camera, use the zoom. You can zoom in on some of your newborn’s adorable features. Taking a picture of their little hand or even their tiny toes make for amazing keepsake photos that you will be glad you captured!

The zoom feature is really great to have and will help tremendously when trying to capture that sweet detail.

Time To Pose.

When getting your baby into a photo position be very gentle. I know that you know this, but the easier you are the less likely your baby will start to get fussy. Babies can get a bit cranky if you keep moving them from their comfortable positions.

So, take slow and gentle movements when getting them into their pose. Some babies can get a bit cranky, so I find this tip very helpful for the picture taking process of your newborn. 

Some Last Tips.

I know that it may seem like a lot of work, which it can be, but just take your time. Be prepared to have a couple of sessions planned. Patience is key here. Kids will definitely teach that. I hope that all of these tips can be of use to you during this process.

Enjoy every moment with your new little one. If you are interested in more information on the photo taking process for newborns, you may find help with this youtube video in the link.