Rockhill City Guide Lifestyle Horse Stables – Mobility Is an Option

Horse Stables – Mobility Is an Option

Horse Stables - Mobility Is an Option

Maintaining an equestrian lifestyle comes with plenty of factors to consider. Once you have decided that owning a horse is something that you can accommodate into your daily life, you are going to need to make sure it gets the proper care. Feeding and grooming are only the beginning of the necessary responsibilities.

You will need housing, whether that be on your own property or renting space on another property. Traditional shelters can be costly and ineffective, most requiring permission in order to build. Through recent advancements, it is now possible to have your own horse shelter with the option of mobility.

Benefits of Sheltering at Home

Upon making your decision to shelter your horse on your own property versus at an independent stable, it is wise to consider the benefits of each option. Equimed explains this in further detail. The clearest benefit of sheltering on your own property is the convenience. You will have access to your horse 24/7, and will never have to travel in order to perform daily tasks like caring for him or her. Your bond with the animal is also strengthened because you will get the chance to spend more time together.

Depending upon what you wish to do with your horse, from riding for pleasure to entering into show competitions, you will be able to train easily from the comfort of your own property. Also, consider the amount of money you will save in the long run. Instead of paying dues to shelter your horse elsewhere, you will have a permanent base to use.

Selecting a Size

Here is a breakdown of how much space is necessary per animal, keeping in mind that your horses may require additional space if they do not get along well, or if they are often found in front of entrances/exits. Each owner will get to know their own animals best. A general guideline is as follows:

  • 1 medium horse – 3.6m x 3.6m (12’ x 12’)
  • 2 medium horses – 7.2m x 3.6m (24’ x 12’)
  • 3 medium horses – 10.9m x 3.6m (36’ x 12’)
  • 1 large horse – 5.4m x 3.6m (18’ x 12’)
  • 2 large horses – 7.2m x 3.6m (24’ x 12’)
  • 3 large horses – 10.9m x 3.6m (36’ x 12’)

If you plan on housing ponies, there is also a guideline:

  • 1 small pony – 3.6m x 3.6m (12’ x 12’)
  • 2 small ponies – 5.4m x 3.6m (18’ x 12’)
  • 3 small ponies – 7.2m x 3.6m (24’ x 12’)
  • 4+ small ponies – 10.9m x 3.6m (36’ x 12’)
  • 1 large pony – 3.6m x 3.6m (12’ x 12’)
  • 2 large ponies – 5.4m x 3.6m (18’ x 12’)
  • 3 large ponies – 7.2m x 3.6m (24’ x 12’)
  • 4 large ponies – 10.9m x 3.6m (36’ x 12’)

The best part about utilizing a mobile shelter is that you can adjust the sizing as needed. If you gain or lose animals, you won’t have to go through the hassle of tearing down a structure and rebuilding it from scratch.

These shelters are also great options if you know that you will be moving in the future. Each one can be broken down and moved along with the rest of your personal belongings, making for a much less stressful relocation experience. They also come in a wide variety of style options.

A Range of Structures

There is a huge variety in the different mobile horse shelters that are available for purchase. All of the options are easy to install and completely mobile. Not only does the structure provide overhead shelter from the elements, but it is also sturdy enough to act as a stable with a door that can be closed.

Whether you own one horse or several, these structures will be able to suit your needs. If you would like a starter shelter, opt for something basic and open. These can serve as a temporary resting place for your horse during the day. If you feel that you would like to make your shelter more like a barn, there is that option as well. You can also add on features such as extra head space, a boarded roof, or additional insulation, just to name a few.

If you decide that you’d like to expand on a structure that you purchase, you can add an additional shelter onto it. Many people opt for a separate feed/storage room that is attached but still remains isolated from the horses. Doors that lock will protect your items from being tampered with or infested.

Mobile horse shelters are entirely customizable. At your request, most companies are likely to create a custom piece for you that will encompass all of the qualities that you seek.