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What to See and Do in Ottawa

What to See and Do in Ottawa

Are you planning a trip to Ottawa? There is so much to do and see there. Where should you start? The Ottawa Limo Company, which offers services such as a party bus in Ottawa, has shared some ideas to help you plan your trip. Have the best time in Ottawa and don’t miss some of the must-see things listed below! It is a great place for tourism and experiencing something new in this beautiful world we live in.

The National Gallery

If you love art and have an eye for beautiful pieces, then this is certainly a must-see in Ottawa. The National Gallery of Canada is located in the downtown area of Ottawa that faces Parliament Hill. There are tons of art pieces by many different artists featured in this art gallery.

Some of the famous artists whose work is shown at The National Gallery of Canada are:

  • Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Antoine Plamondon
  • Picasso
  • Joseph Légaré

For more information on tickets and times, you can visit the National Gallery of Canada website.

The Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica

Another place to add to the list is the Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica. The stunning structure is such a beautiful sight to see and can only be done justice in person. Also, it is located right next to the National Gallery of Canada. Tours can be scheduled online, and tour guides can answer any questions about the cathedral.

For more information about the Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica, you can check out this YouTube video.

Any History Lovers?

Even if history is not a favorite subject of some, the Canadian Museum of History is certainly still a good place to visit. This museum is spread across 300,000 square feet. It consists of tons of historical information and artifacts. The building itself is a sight to see, not to mention everything inside of it! Plus, some activities take place there too on certain days.

What About Space?

Now that we have covered some places to visit that showcase, art, architecture, and history, how about a place about space? Right in Ottawa, you can visit the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum. It has an extraordinary exhibit that allows you to walk through time as aviation has changed and developed throughout the years.

Time for a Nature Walk

The Canadian Museum of Nature holds over 10 million specimens for visitors to see. It shows off the history of how our beautiful planet has changed over thousands of years. Prehistoric fossils and much more can be seen at this museum. Also, it is kid-friendly with some exhibits for the little ones to enjoy also.

How About a Walk in the Park?

If you are wanting more of a quiet evening, you can take a walk through stunning Gatineau Park. It is a park that stretches over 90,000 acres. There are a lot of activities to do in this beautiful park in Ottawa also. It is a peaceful place to go and relax while clearing your head and should definitely be a place to visit on vacation.

Some activities to do in Gatineau Park include:

  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Going to lookout ponts
  • Picnicing

Visit Parliament Hill

One of the most exciting places to visit and see in Ottawa is Parliament Hill. It is such a stunning structure and can be visited along with several other museums while on vacation. Not every area of it is open to the public, but what is is such a sight to see. Plus, you can learn a little bit more about the city itself by visiting Parliament Hill.

The Rideau Canal is a Great Attraction

The Rideau Canal travels right down the middle of Ottawa and is approximately 125 miles long. It was created as a trade waterway many years ago but now it is a beautiful tourist attraction.  If you want to get a good view of Ottawa, you can go for a ride by boat along the Rideau Canal during the summer months.

During the winter months, if you are out for a visit you can go ice skating along the Rideau Canal. It certainly is a fun family attraction for anyone who loves ice skating. Along the canal are places to order hot chocolate and other warming items to enjoy a beautiful winter’s day out.

Time for Food

Everyone loves a good meal and Ottawa is just the place to be when you’re hungry. It has several different restaurants to choose from. No matter what kind of food you enjoy, you can find it in Ottawa, including some of the best Mediterranean and Vietnamese foods. If you are a food lover of any sort, check out the food strip in Ottawa.

Look Out for Festivals

Ottawa has many festivals that are tons of fun. Find one and join in on all the fun. No matter if you are learning something new in a museum or having a romantic ride down the canal, enjoy the trip to Ottawa.