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What Is A Bucks Party and What To Do?

Bucks Party Ideas

The wedding is around the corner, and your best mate is getting married. While the wedding is on everyone’s mind, there is also the little question of the Buck party. These parties are the last night of freedom and debauchery for the groom, and they should be a night not to forget.

What is a Buck party?

In the states, they call it a bachelor party and in the British Isles, it’s a stag party. In Australia, it’s called a buck party and is typically planned by the best man right before the groom’s wedding. Originally these parties were formal affairs, but have transformed in recent decades.

Where are Buck parties typically had at?
It really depends on what the groom wants – in popular media vacation destinations are often the norm. However, quite often a local destination works great. Buck parties can be held from in large cities to out of the way forest.

How many people should be invited?
Epic Holidays (who specializes in bucks party ideas) recommend inviting 20, but only expecting 10 – 15 guys to show up. Ideally, you don’t want anyone to feel left out, but remember this day is about the groom, not them – a good rule to follow is if the groom would feel bad if they weren’t there, then it is best to invite them.

How much is typically spent on a Buck party?

This can vary dramatically depending on who is having the party – Joe Millionaire is gonna have a larger budget than Johnny Homeless. However, if it so expensive that even if one person that is invited can’t afford it, you probably need to dial it back.

Okay, I’m on a budget – what is the best place to have a Buck party at?
If you don’t have an unlimited budget – and who does? – Then I would recommend going to the basics, rent some ATVs and go on a trip through the forest, rent a Penthouse for the night somewhere near downtown – or even do something basic like going out and playing golf.

Money is not an issue – what do you recommend?
All of it depends on the man – if he is extravagant get some suits on and go to the nicest bars and restaurants. If the groom likes adrenaline try something crazy like skydiving or rock climbing. If money isn’t a problem go crazy, the world is your oyster.

What are some other activities you recommend?

Some groups just want to get drunk, so a brewery tour is always a good choice. If you have a large group you should try for team activities such as paintballing and kart racing.  Then again sometimes the basics of poker and stripers are what’s best for the buck.

What are some no-nos when setting up a Buck party?
The first is don’t assume people have money to burn. Other important rules to follow is to make sure to not have the party the night before the wedding – nobody wants to be hungover on their special day. Finally, while you should have a good time, don’t do anything dangerous.

What should we wear?
I recommend dressing to the nines – this is a big day so you gotta dress big. If black ties and suspenders aren’t your thing, you can make it a bit ridiculous with dressing in costume. Keep in mind if you are going somewhere in public people will notice you!

What about special drinking rules?
There’s going to be drinking at this party, no doubt. To make it a little more exciting make a few rules up – drink with the opposite hand, no pointing, drink with your pinky finger out, etc. I would recommend having a rule master to keep track of everything.

What are some challenges?

There are plenty of challenges you can put on the unsuspecting Buck – things like getting the best man’s phone number into 10 girl’s phones, serenading an unsuspecting girl with a love song, or get the groom to get signatures from 50 women on his shirt.

What about a stripper?
In popular media, stripper’s have become synonymous with bachelor and buck parties. While they can be a lot of fun to have, just make sure that your groom is into that. Some guys aren’t into the stripper scene, so this might not be ideal for them.

That being said, what shouldn’t be done at a Buck party?
Once the party is in full swing, from around 12 to 6am, I would recommend no more pictures – things have a tendency in getting messy fast. Also, make sure you know your limits – whether you are the groom or just an attendee, there are limits to drinking and embarrassment.

This seems a bit overwhelming!
Don’t worry, if you think the party is going to get too big you can always hire a service to help you plan everything. These companies have multiple package options that can be tailored for the buck and all his friends to have a great night.