Rockhill City Guide Around The House How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost?

How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost?

How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost?

Professional carpet cleaning can be an important part of maintaining your carpets and making them look amazing. Professionals can come in and get the dirt and grime that gets stuck way down deep in the carpet, ensuring that nothing is left behind and that the carpets look as good as new. 

According to Emerald Carpet Cleaning, a company who does carpet cleaning in Dublin, carpet cleaning will usually cost $50 per room for most homeowners. If you have a large area of carpet that needs carpet cleaning, you may be charged per square foot instead of per room. Any additional services, like steaming and water extraction will add to the cost.

There are so many great services that come with professional carpet cleaning and it is an amazing thing to do for your carpets. Let’s learn a little bit more about the costs to keep the carpets in your home as clean as possible. 

The Cost to Carpet Clean 

The national average for professional carpet cleaning is somewhere between $25 to $70 per room. Most homeowners, unless they get a good deal, will pay closer to $50 per room to get the professional cleaning done. However, many professional carpet cleaning companies will work on the basis of a square footage range to help reimburse them for larger rooms that should count as two. 

When looking at a square foot rate, which may be a better option if you have a large home with lots of carpets that need to be cleaned, the prices are a little different. Most homeowners will pay somewhere around $0.25 cents per square foot of carpet that is cleaned. That means if you need a home between 650 to 1000 square feet carpet cleaned, it can cost somewhere between $99 and $250 to get the work done. Larger homes up to 3000 square feet can cost $600 or more. 

Keep in mind this is going to be the amount of square footage of carpet. If your whole home is carpet, then you will pay based on the square footage of your home. If you have carpet in just half the home or not throughout the entire home, then the square footage you are charged for will be lower. 

Additional Costs with Carpet Cleaning

There are a few other services you can add to this that will add to the cost. For example, if you want to do hot water extraction or steam on the carpet, it can add another $0.20 to $1.00 per square foot. If you need any damage to the carpet repaired, be ready to pay between $150 to $225 on average to patch up those holes. 

There are even services available if your home or basement is flooded out. This can happen when it rains a lot or there is a leak of some kind in the home. Carpet cleaning companies may be able to dry out flooded carpets, with the average cost being somewhere between $100 to $300 per room. 

Additional Cleaning Services

There are many carpet cleaning companies who will offer additional cleaning services if you need them. If your home has some special rugs that need cleaning or even some furniture, some companies may offer those services as well. Some of the additional house cleaning services you can discuss with the company include:

  • Carpet shampooing
  • Area rug cleaning
  • Hot water extraction
  • Concrete floor cleaning
  • Drapery and blind cleaning
  • Water damage restoration
  • Cleaning when you move out of a location
  • Wet and dry upholstery cleaning.

These services can help get your whole home clean, but they will change the amount that you pay for the whole service. Some companies may offer a deal, but keep in mind that these additional services will cost more than just the basic carpet cleaning.

Should I Do the Carpet Cleaning On My Own?

Some homeowners choose to do their own carpet cleaning. They like to clean their carpets more often than they can do with a professional and they even use this as a way to save money. However, a professional carpet cleaning company often has more tools to really deep clean the carpets, making them look much better than you can do on your own.

Investing in some carpet cleaning tools is a good idea. This allows you a chance to get the carpets cleaned when there is a stain, rather than calling in the professionals all the time. But you need to invest in quite a few pieces of equipment even to do the basic cleaning. When you need the carpets to look their very best, hiring a professional carpet cleaning company is often the best option.

Getting Your Carpets Cleaned

While the initial cost of getting your carpets professionally cleaned may seem high, it is often worth it. Nothing feels or looks better than professionally cleaned carpets. Even when you maintain them yourself with some home options, hiring the professionals can get rid of all that dirt and grime so your home feels as good as new.